bride and groom riding in a water taxi to their rehearsal dinner in Lake Como, Italy.
Epic dancing photos during a Puerto Vallarta Mexico Wedding at Garza Blanca Puerto Vallarta Preserve Resort and Spa. Creative candid photography by Jos and Tree
Bride and groom dancing on a sailboat in Amalfi Italy near Villa Cimbrone headed to their rehearsal dinner
Bride and groom spraying champagne during their Garza Blanca wedding reception in Mexico near Puerto Vallarta
bride and groom in a water taxi in Lake Como headed to their Villa d'este wedding
Engagement photo of a happy couple in the ocean at sunset in Mexico
exceptional drone photo of bride and groom at sunset at Silcox Hut atop Mt Hood above Timberline Lodge Resort
Wedding Photography Workshop Trainer Jos WoodSmith during an Evolve Workshop for Wedding Photographers
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Winter Wedding Photography Workshop

Timberline Lodge Ski Resort

Silcox Hut


November 19-21, 2024



With over 15 years of experience, Jos and Tree are facilitating powerful experiences for photographers to EVOLVE their craft.

These workshop retreat experiences are for wedding, event, and portrait photographers who want to dive in deep and take their professional photography skills and personal growth to the next level. We will give you everything we’ve learned over the past 15 years and invite you to examine everything you do (and don’t do).

Most importantly, there will be lots of hands-on challenges with quality time to practice skills and refine perspectives. We may be faster alone but we are stronger together! There will be round table discussions where everyone can discuss how they aren’t afraid to fail, share the best of the best insights/tips/tricks, conversations about life, weddings, work, marketing, business and more.

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In addition to our EVOLVE workshops, we have recently added two new workshops. Our DESTINATION WEDDING PORTFOLIO Bootcamp and our ultimate retreat/workshop experience called REVIVAL. These are workshop retreats you will not want to miss. 3 savvy coaches for our Destination Wedding Portfolio workshop.

We will share everything we know, create a supportive and positive training experience and challenge everyone to grow. We will be weaving self-care into this workshop taking it to the next level as a holistic retreat experience.

This is the ultimate Destination Wedding Portfolio Bootcamp & Workshop!

Our amazing team of experienced destination wedding photographers, Tree, Jos and one of our favorite photographers, will show you all the tips and tricks you need to become a successful photographer.

This is for the real adventurer!

Only a few seats are available!
Book in advance so you can set yourself up for success. Schedule ahead of time and spread out payments. This is an exceptional investment that will transform everything.

This is THE complete workshop & portfolio bootcamp for wedding photographers.

We will recreate a full Destination Wedding with real wedding couples, including a ceremony, a sunset shoot on the beach. Everything you need to create your Destination Wedding Portfolio! 

This is the real Destination Wedding experience!

Bali | REVIVAL EXPERIENCE the ultimate retreat/workshop

Come join us in Bali!!! This is seriously a ONCE in a LIFETIME experience. 

We have a team of savvy coaches for this workshop retreat including Jos, Tree, Blair Delaubenfels, and Phoenix Millhouse Dawn.

Fundamentally different from your typical photography workshop, this will be a deep dive into personal growth, unrealized creativity, and core business values. We’ll discover what’s holding us back, and find our inspiration once again through art, music, and community. We’ll learn how to market ourselves authentically and we’ll hone in on our goals and dreams for the next 5 years while creating visions that can be realized through step-by-step planning. 

We will share everything we know, challenge you, and support you in an encouraging environment. We will teach you our best skills, conceptual frameworks, and the deep wisdom behind everything. You’ll watch your photography and marketing skills leap to the next level while your mind opens up and ultimately nurture yourself.

This is your chance to make a real difference in your art, life, and business, and we can’t wait to welcome you!


the mental game: mastering creative focus and maximizing a marathon shoot
creative catalysts:
 25 innovative devices used to revolutionize compositions and see dramatic light and shadow
mastering difficult light: making magic happen amidst the madness of miserable light
the silver bullet of OCF: shaping dramatic light using the best light shaping tools during photojournalistic moments and creative portraits
high-performance teamwork: 10 no-nonsense teamwork strategies and a powerful lighting sign language that helps capture insane photos without going insane
experiential portraiture: welcoming couples into diverse experiences that provoke playful and emotional expressions
personal optimization: expanding your personal power potential
systems: strategic workflow structures and processes that create work-life balance
compelling communication: the craft of creating client connection
mastering the client experience: how to optimize your client experience, supporting them with the most meaningful wedding adventure and connection with their friends and family
photo editing: mastering Lightroom and Photoshop image perspectives and editing skills for maximum visual impact
constructive critique: honest image evaluations that will polish your perspective and portfolio
community support: networking with like-minded photographers who will continue to challenge and assist you
finding your visual voice – our marketing and design experts will give you guidance on how to craft your brand, website, and voice to reflect your core values to your marketing audience. Live coaching people through their individual challenges
website reviews – including curation, copywriting, and SEO that will get going up the google ladder.
*one-hour consultation: sign up and begin with a two-on-one video consultation with the team a week before the workshop


“I not only gained a goodie bag of technical skills, but also a deeper connection to my craft. Through their combined wisdom, Tree’s gentle passion, and Jos’s masterful storytelling, I left the workshop refreshed, reinvigorated, and ready to take my business to the next level!” 
  – Marlies Hartman

“There’s an image floating around the wedding photography social media world that I’ve been drawn to it since I saw it a few years ago; it’s a couple wrapped up in a snowbound mountain hut. Several feet of snow has drifted in around the sides of the building and icicles hang from the roof, but the couple has a perfectly-placed pop of warm flash lighting them up inside. This image has long inspired me because, as I know from living and shooting in similar conditions, creating an image so well executed in a gnarly storm in a wedding-day time crunch is as challenging a scenario as I’ve experienced in this work. That was my intro to Tree and Jos—that got me following their journey.

This year I’ve had a few opportunities to spend time assisting, creating, observing, and brainstorming with them. This time, at both a workshop in Bali and at a wedding at Mt. Hood, Oregon, has been nothing short of eye-opening for me. In Bali, they shared with a group of incredible photographers their evolved approach to shooting within a team dynamic, and so many of their ideas resonated with me. They articulated so many ideas I’ve been working out internally but were still just loose abstractions; things like non-verbal communication between the photographer & lighting assistant, as well as the interpersonal relationship between the two during high-stress moments that we know so well on the wedding day.
When I joined them for a wedding in Mt. Hood, I was able to see so much of their ideas come to life. The day brought about similar conditions to the one that drew me to their work in the first place and I was able to give them a hand in building some similar images. We trekked around in the snow, we bent light around enormous icicles, and we told an amazing story. 
I’ve channeled their ideas and energy into several of my own weddings since that day and it’s had a genuine impact on my work. The enthusiasm and creative energy they brought to every detail of the day, from the morning prep to the family photos and ending with a crazy-awesome night portrait of the bride and groom in the snow, was so impactful on me. I’m so lucky and stoked to have found myself in a photography community with these two and I’m fired up for more collaborative evolution with Tree and Jos in the coming years.”

“Wow! That was so much information jampacked over the last few days with incredibly open people. I can’t wait to dive in. I am so excited and inspired to take action on so many things in my business. Super grateful!”
  – Frances Hastin Davis

“We learned so much! We absolutely loved this community of photographers. The hands-on challenge we had gave us so much confidence. And the off-camera flash challenges were a game-changer. Take this workshop, you will not regret it. ” 
Scott & Mistry

“I highly recommend taking this workshop if you want to take your skills to the next level. I loved the connections I made. Jos and Tree are totally committed to the learning process and it shows in everything they do.”
 – Bryce Lafoon 

“Only thing I can say is that you guys are the real deal!”
Claudio Piedrola


Is this a workshop? 

Yes. This will be an immersive experience where we teach, demonstrate, learn and discover the next level of creativity. We’ll be welcoming you into a daily schedule of unique challenges to expand your mind and photography skills.  There will be lots of space for magic to happen.

How is this also a retreat?

As seasoned professionals, we know self-care is a critical part of our craft. We will be weaving a variety of therapeutic sessions into the training itself. Combining an extensive learning workshop with a retreat is the ultimate experience.  

How many spots are available?

There are only 12-15 participants. This will be a very intimate experience with quality time.

What language?


Will we do things outside the main activities?

Yes. We will surprise you with experiences and photo ops you’ll be excited to share with your followers.

What kind of photography is this focused on?

This is specifically for wedding and portrait photographers who want to challenge their ways of seeing and technical and creative shooting skills. We are also doing a deep dive into branding, marketing, and running a successful business.

What gear do I need to bring?

Bring a minimum of 2 lights, but keep it simple. We will give you a must-have checklist. 

What is the payment process?

We have several options for securing your spot with a retainer. We have different accommodation options and add other options as well. 


We are honored to be ambassadors for photography brands that help take our craft to the next level. MagMod modifiers allow us to capture the stories we love to tell. They are the best light-shaping tools on the planet. Holdfast Gear equips us to swiftly move and tell better stories. The latest AI with AfterShoot to master our workflow. The FlashMasters community keeps us inspired, challenged, and connected. Fundy Software helps us deliver exquisite product designs to our couples in record time.


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