Quality time with friends is an extraordinary gift. We joined 25 photographers from all over the world in March 2019 for a wedding photographers “summer camp” in Bali, Indonesia. Our mission was to find joy, connect, and re-imagine life. Here in this photo Jesh de Rox is welcoming Erika & Lanny Mann (with TWO MANN STUDIOS) to connect using his brilliant Superfeel invitations.  Real moments are always available, we just sometimes need to be reminded how to see them and “be” in them.  When we remove ourselves from “human doings” and become “human beings” we step into a dimension that can blow our minds.  When we reverse  “impossible” into “I’m possible” we shine our light and show up as the lucky ones!

TWO MANN studios reunion in Bali with 25 photographers. Photo of Tree WoodSmith and Abby Taylor in a waterfall in Bali. Photo by josandtree. Jesh de Rox teaching Super Feel for Photographers prompts to TWO MANN studios alumni reunion photographers in Bali. Photo by josandtree.

Epic Setting: Pandawa Cliff Estate | Photographers at this reunion: Jesh de Rox, Dave Moss, Abigail Taylor, Paul Woo, Chris Sigorski, Marliese Hartman, Angie Nelson,  Ralf Czogalllik, Linda Berretty, Anissa Rahman, Alexsandra Wiciel, Jesse & MoiraDevon KnudsonBrandon Russel, Mary Moore, Farhad Khan, Zhan Trotter, Alycia & Jana