Every time we commit to a destination photoshoot we pour every ounce of thought and energy into it. Our most recent trip to Tulum Mexico this Jan & Feb 2017 was to photograph the branding imagery of a wonderful spa and resort called Mayatulum, then shoot Nikki & Paul’s wedding in Belize. We spent 3 days (13 hr days) photographing every corner, person and detail of this extraordinary beachfront property. It brought a whole new meaning to the words “barefoot luxury” and “therapy” after spending several days with the team at Mayatulum. Check out a few of the sample images on our commercial branding photography site called WOOD & SMITH. If you want to truly get away, relax, and find deep transformational therapy, Mayatulum is the spot!

When it came time to travel from Tulum to Belize (on our way to shoot Nikki and Paul’s wedding at Portofino Beach Resort) on a water taxi we ran into some challenges at the border. Beware that the Mexican officials charge you a “tax” fee if you have not paid it with your plane ticket. Most plane ticket receipts list this fee in the itemized list, but unless you have a printed copy of it they won’t accept looking at your phone. They wanted to charge us $500 pesos but we were prepared to show them our printed receipt. Even then the official looked through the window at us and said, “You must pay the currency difference from the time you bought your plane ticket to today.” So we paid the difference of $150 pesos. Yes, this is the way they do business. 🙂

Yoga Retreat Center: Mayatulum Spa and Resort | Wedding Venue: Portofino Beach Resort