Every time we reflect back on Kathleen and Sean’s Tin Roof Barn wedding we experience some of the most meaningful feelings. The way Kathleen and Sean marinate in their beautiful awareness of time and the people surrounding them is absolutely profound. The opportunity they took to express love and joy in every moment literally is the priority of all priorities. They planned their wedding with such thought yet also mature trust in letting things unfold as they will. The charming setting of the Tin Roof Barn was the perfect venue for them to have stress free quality time with their family and friends.

Kathleen and Sean fell in love with how the Tin Roof Barn offered a way of ushering guests into a variety of settings throughout their wedding day. The Tin Roof Barn is surrounded by gorgeous hills, orchards, and fields and right next to the Columbia River Gorge. Before Kathleen and Sean’s ceremony, we took them on a mini-adventure down along the Columbia Gorge to a hidden riverside park right near Swell City to walk along the Columbia River. The historical feeling of the barn is wonderfully authentic, it’s over 100 years old but in mint condition. When the team at the Tin Roof Barn puts all of their special touches on everything it is magic. They adorn the barn with vintage wood dining tables, vintage chairs, and all the right furniture. The outdoor ceremony option offers up to 150 guests but also has a backup covered ceremony location too. During Kathleen and Sean’s wedding John Ross performed an acoustic rendition of Sting’s song Fields of Gold ushering in everyone into the ceremony. There was not a dry eye. And their vows… wow… stop and read the words on the image of Sean’s poem to Kathleen in their ceremony. Following their ceremony, they enjoyed a unique cocktail hour, dinner inside the barn with a massive vaulted interior. The fireplace, vast views of forests, orchards, mountains, and ravines of the Columbia River Gorge make for the perfect wedding experience. The indoor/outdoor options make this barn a great option as the COVID-19 restrictions open up for future weddings.

Photographers: Jos & Tree | Venue: Tin Roof Barn
Coordination: Union Event Co | Music: John Ross (Portland)
Floral: Trellis (Husum, WA) | Donuts: Blue Star
Catering: Ahi’s Ohana Catering