Born in two different countries on two different continents, 9,000 miles apart, from Rwanda to Oregon, Taylor and Jackson found each other. Finding a needle in a haystack IS possible. A special alchemy of friendship in the most unusual combinations united these two. Only something outside of logic could write a story like this.

Who would know that in 2009 in Northern Rwanda, at a school Jackson wasn’t initially assigned to, he would find his best friends who would help shape the rest of his life? Who would know that Taylor working in Portland Oregon in 2014 for a non-profit with young leaders in East Africa would become fast friends with Jackson’s best friend who arbitrarily resettled to Portland from Rwanda? Fast forward 4 more years after friends telling friends about other friends Jackson and Taylor meet in person, on a snowy day in Portland. At the time Jackson was working in Boston, but after meeting Taylor his curiosity was piqued. A small voice in Jackson said, “Jackson, it’s time to move!” Without hesitation, he drove 3,000 miles across the snow-covered US to move to Portland Oregon to get to know Taylor more. It was a true leap of faith for Jackson moving forward with his inner compass. While their lives couldn’t have begun farther apart, it’s clear that even from their beginnings, Life was preparing them for a lifetime together.

Photographing Taylor and Jackson’s destination wedding was a feast of JOY! Rarely have we seen such endless BLISS pour out of everyone during every… single… given moment. When we arrived at Timberline Lodge all of us rode up in the snowcat up to Silcox Hut at 7 thousand feet for their welcome gathering. The sky was brilliantly lit with gold-pink-lavender. Profound stories, spontaneous dancing, group harmonizing songs and prayers will echo far into the future from this gorgeous gathering. The next day Taylor and Jackson were married in the Timberline Lodge Ravens Nest. Timberline Lodge once again provided a legendary womb that continues to shape lives.

Extraordinary thanks to all the amazing vendors who helped make this wedding so beautiful.

Venue and Catering: Timberline Lodge & Silcox Hut
Flowers: Sammy’s Flowers
Brides Dress: BHLDN, shoes: TOMS
Grooms tux: Men’s Warehouse
DJ: John Ross Studios (DJ Kelly)
Rings: Kassab Jewelers
Cake: JaCivas