MagMod Ambassadors Speaking at WPPI Jos & Tree
Professional Wedding Photographers Speaking at WPPI - Jos and Tree
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Tree and Jos embrace a growth mindset across various facets of their lives. With a wealth of experience spanning over 19 years in professional photography and continuous training, they contribute a unique perspective to the development of aspiring wedding photographers. Their photography style, characterized by adventurous documentary approaches, has taken them on journeys around the globe. Driven by a pertinacity for learning, they consistently strive to elevate both their photography skills and personal growth.

Their expertise has been honed through training and participating in workshops with industry leaders, speaking engagements at conferences, serving as judges in international contests, and garnering recognition with over one hundred international wedding photography awards. Their sense of community is of utmost importance to them. 

Sporting distinctive hats, goblets, and a one-of-a-kind style wherever they go, the dynamic duo of Tree and Jos adds an element of excitement and humor to their interactions. Their yin/yang relationship is a testament to the harmonious blend of their personalities.


How well do you work together as a team? How is your performance affecting your clients’ experience, the quality of your work and the long term health of your working relationship? 

Wedding Days can be high stress, but what if you and your Team could work together without yelling about lighting or how to move or pose a couple? We will be sharing our Lighting  Language that helps us capture insane photos without going insane.

Join us in an honest talk about how to be a high-performance team without being at each other’s throats or embarrassingly awkward in-front of clients while trying to get great shots! 

  • Confessions from Tree and Jos
  • 10 no-nonsense teamwork tips from yes… the Navy Seals
  • The winning ticket: a powerful Lighting Language combined with MagMod lighting tools that helps us capture insane photos without going insane

We believe that the art of photography begins with the art of communication. Discover insight about how we bond with our clients to develop trust for a fun, creative and authentic experience. Let us get back to storytelling, listening and forging a deeper connection with our clients as people. Emotions will tell the story and your clients will become your evangelists. Topics covered include: finding and attracting your ideal client; bonding and listening with clients using specific communication skills; and guiding clients toward a profound experience. Being true to yourself and your business will only lead to more success.

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