Robyn and Trevor are as unique as they come. A Silcox Hut wedding was the perfect fit. Robyn is a firefighter, teaches aerial ski jumping, loves snowboarding, camping, wine tasting, traveling Thailand, Mexico, mountains and building forts! Trying to describe Trevor is almost impossible, let’s just put it this way he led Robyn on a wild goose chase on his motorbike and pretended something was wrong with the bike. He stopped the bike, had her try to solve the problem with studying the bike engine, big distraction, then as she turned around he proposed to her on the spot. We got to see this first hand from this hidden shakey camera that captured this moment in the most unusual spot. The camera turned up to the sky as we could hear them laughing and crying together as she said “yes!” Nice job Trevor! Their quirky humor is something they thrive on and as they said so well, “we understand each other” with laughs we will never forget. 20 minutes into our conversation we were “all in.” They wanted something they’ve never done before and to take their guests on an adventure. And what better place than a Silcox Hut wedding atop Mt. Hood above Timberline Lodge. The perfect spot!

And they got lucky. The wild orange blue colors filled the sunset sky as they rode up with their friends and family on a snowcat ride that feels like a German tank. Its always an adventure atop Mt. Hood. The Silcox Hut provides that Game of Thrones experience where you go back in time with massive old wooden doors and uneven stone floors with a red-orange glowing woodstove and infinite views of the Willamette Valley. They did handfasting during their ceremony which tied all the emotions together symbolizing their connection and devotion to one another.  At 6950 feet everyone could feel the altitude. Add some good champagne to that and everyone felt the time of their lives!

Award Winning Wedding Photo at Silcox Hut above Timberline Lodge on Mt Hood. Photo by Groom getting ready for his Silcox Hut Wedding at Timberline Lodge on Mt Hood. Bride getting ready for her Silcox Hut Wedding at Timberline Lodge on Mt Hood. Bride and groom exiting snow cat heading into their Silcox Hut Wedding at Timberline Lodge on Mt Hood. Beautiful sunset photo of bridal party for a Silcox Hut Wedding at Timberline Lodge on Mt Hood. Intimate photo of bride and groom just after their Silcox Hut Wedding ceremony above Timberline Lodge on Mt Hood Award Winning Wedding Photo at Silcox Hut atop Mt Hood at Timberline Lodge. Photo by

Photographers: Jos & Tree | Venue: Timberline Lodge & Silcox Hut
Coordinator: Kacie Fostermerk

Accolades: Award-winning wedding photos at Silcox Hut