As Portland Wedding photographers we’ve been lucky to photograph destination weddings far and near. We love any wedding that comes our way. So many couples inquire with us to go on wedding and lifestyle adventures, and we are happy to escort them anywhere on the plant. We don’t know who or where the next adventure will come from, but we are open to anything. One of our favorites is the canvas of our own Northwest backyard not only including many of Portland’s best venues but anywhere in Oregon. We feel honored to be one of the few Portland Wedding photographers who are destination wedding specialists.

Scott and Jayne live in Florida and have been engaged for the past 1.5 years. Scott is from North Carolina and Jayne is from England. No doubt about it, these two love adventure. Among many places they’ve been, they love Scottland, Mallorca, hiking on the Isle of Skye, Galicia, Italy for its wine regions and coastline, and Jayne works on one of the largest yachts in the world in Saudi Arabia. When we Skyped with them they were very specific, they wanted something in Oregon in a wooded area where the ocean meets the wilderness. We immediately thought of Short Sands Beach in Oswald West State Park along the Oregon coast where the wild trees are shaped by the wind near the wooded areas along ocean cliffs. They told us they love the storytelling in our photography, the different camera angles, the intimate feel, unusual shots, bringing the landscape into the memories, use of focus to showcase a different aspect of the photograph. We became fast friends and started helping them plan a very intimate adventure elopement at Short Sands Beach.

After several Skype sessions, we developed a specific plan. They got ready at a nearby modern bed and breakfast called The Awtrey House run by former NBA player, Dennis Awtrey (and his lovely wife) that looks out over the hypnotic Pacific Ocean from a private terrace. Short Sands trailhead is only a mile or two down the road and provides a gorgeous trail that ushers you through the forest along a stream and old-growth trees. We decided to rouge off-trail up a cliffside that looked out over the ocean. The perfect spot for their private ceremony looking through the forest over the ocean. Much of this was a spontaneous and organic process which made the entire experience exciting. Jayne and Scott stood on the edge of the cliff where the forest met the sea and exchanged exquisite vows, a sort of “secret marriage”… absolutely breathtaking.

Weeks later we shared their wedding premiere put together with select photographs accompanied by two different songs. Scott was in Florida, Jayne was back in Saudi Arabia working. As a Skype date, they enjoyed their wedding premiere halfway across the world. We received the most meaningful text from Scott that said, “now that I’ve had time to really absorb what you sent I’m absolutely speechless, these photos are amazing and have made me so happy to relive that day. I honestly can’t describe how much these photos mean and I know Jayne feels the same way. I’m so thankful you were able to join us and accomplish so much. You completely flipped my evening on its head.”

Photographers: Jos & Tree | Getting Ready Venue: The Awtrey House | Ceremony Site: Short Sands in Oswald West State Park