Go to Greece for a Santorini engagement photos adventure! Santorini Greece is one of the most treasured destinations in the world. The history, views, food, and stunning sunsets are mind-blowing. There are masses of people who swarm to this magical place during the summer months seeking the acclaimed sunsets. We decided to take a different approach and explore a sunrise engagement photo adventure in a Cyclades village called Oia (pronounced “ee-uh“), a coastal town on the northwestern tip of Santorini. Oai is sometimes called the “renaissance” of Santorini after the massive earthquake of 1956 because it was quickly restored back into its beauty. Whitewashed houses perched in the steep clifftops and spectacular views of the caldera filled with deep blue ocean water.  Sunrise was the perfect moment because there wasn’t anyone around and Kelsey and Nic could easily walk everywhere and enjoy quiet time together taking in the beauty. So we followed them around the back streets and hidden corners on a sunrise date celebrating their love and life of adventure together. At the end of our adventure, we stopped off at one of the most spectacular breakfast restaurants overlooking the caldera edge called Lauda Restaurant. We handed Kelsey and Nic our special goblets and toasted to an incredible new day celebrating their love and future together.

Photographers: Jos & Tree | Location: Oai, Greece (Santorini)
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