When Wendy let us know she was planning a surprise 10 year wedding anniversary for Byron and asked us to secretively photograph it, we were all in. She knew exactly where she wanted to surprise him too, in a 45-foot canyon and open lava tube along Pronghorn Resort which is one of the most unique golf holes in the world and the home of many great horned owls. Our friendship with Wendy and Byron goes back 9 years and since they are also wedding photographers we felt even more honored to capture this milestone moment for them. As wedding photographers who don’t always get behind the camera, this opportunity was golden to capture for these two who have such deep love for one another.  Witnessing them read letters to one another was so raw and real. The places they’ve gone! The children they’ve been given. They acknowledge how it hasn’t been easy, how they’ve changed and how their struggles were a positive gift to grow deeper. They know they will always be safe, supported and loved by one another. How beautiful is that!

Photographers: Jos & Tree | Venue: Lauren w/ Pronghorn Resort
Dress: Sarah w/ Bella Brides | Lori w/ Edge Hair & Makeup
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