Education is our number one game-changer. Workshops that challenge us to redefine ourselves, interviews and dialogues that debate compelling questions, or articles we’ve been asked to write inviting us to refine our approach and the way we see. Constant learning and experimentation is the answer.

We have published in a number of magazines and featured on many blogs including SLR LoungeRangefinder MagazineWorlds Best Wedding PhotosFearless PhotographersJunebug WeddingsHuffPost WeddingsStyle Me PrettyLovely BridePhoto District NewsOregon Bride MagazineBravo WeddingPortland Bride & Groom Magazine, and Maharani Weddings.

Engagement photo of a couple running under a waterfall in Iceland

 SEPT 2020

DVLOP includes us in Skyweek

The team at DVLOP have some of the best of the best LR presets on the planet. Checkout how their presets work on skies. We are thrilled they showcased our engagement portrait in Iceland. 


 JULY 2020

SLR Lounge invited us to write about the “creative gap”

To grow or not to grow? Checkout how 12 photographers close the creative gap through constant learning.



JUNE 2020

Worlds Best Wedding Photos selected one of our comical children’s Wedding Photos around the world on BoredPanda

At a wedding kids never really care about the fancy wedding, check out these funny photos from photographers all around the world on Boredpanda.



MAY 2020

Worlds Best Wedding Photos included 2 of our photos in their top 20 Silliest Wedding Photos around the world on BoredPanda

Everyone can have a great laugh while all of us are in quarantine. Check out these funny photos from photographers all around the world on Boredpanda.



MAY 2020

Fearless Photographers Showcases Tree & Jos

The Fearless Photographers keeps the community engaged by continuing to share and critique photos. 3 of our photos were recently included in their Epic Portraits, 2 of our photos included in their Artistic Portraits, 1 in their Classic Portraits. Visit all of the amazing photographs in the gallery links below.  



APRIL 2020

The DVLOP team interviews Tree & Jos

DVLOP helps pull out the full potential of an image and keeps workflow consistent. Timing is of the essence and DVLOP keeps our photography thriving.



APRIL 2020

Worlds Best Wedding Photos: Artist Interview with Jos & Tree

Blair with the Worlds Best Wedding Photos asked us about our way of seeing the world, our travels, how we got started and what keeps us inspired.



APRIL 2020

Worlds Best Wedding Photos: The love of Joy

A brilliant topic: Joy. Life is short and beautiful, no time to waist without joy. Checkout what WBWP has to say about joy.



MARCH 2020

SLR Lounge Visual Flow Artist Feature

SLR Lounge interviewed us about how we are using the Visual Flow Preset System to speed up our Lightroom workflow. Visual Flow Presets are magic! 




PPA Magazine interviews Tree & Jos

Robert Kiener’s dove deep into interviewing us about how we strive to provide an experience for the couples we photograph.




PPA Magazine Features Jos & Tree’s Electric Portrait

A detailed interview about how we visualize, plan, compose and wait for a great moment. Greatness (if we are lucky) is sometimes really persistent in disguise. 




What is Environmental Portrait Photography?

SLR Lounge continues to push the edge of educating the world about the best of the best photography. We are excited to be included in their recent article about how 20+ photographers share techniques about why Environmental Portrait Photography can be so powerful.



SLR Lounge Biggest Lessons Learned in 2019

SLR  Lounge  Educational Ambassadors for Mastering Business asked us at 13 other photographers to share their number one lessons learned from 2019. Great insight helping photographers master the “Business of Photography.”  Check it out! Great read.

Full Article: Photographers Biggest Lessons Learned in 2019 – SLR Lounge


Bride and groom in the doorway at Silcox Hut atop Mt Hood above Timberline Lodge


SLR Lounge Photographing in a Winter Wonder Land

SLR  Lounge showcases a great handful of inspiring winter wedding photos, including one of ours. If you are looking for an alternative wedding ideas, consider the cozy feeling of a great winter wedding accompanied by a skilled photographer. Check these out. 

Full Article: Inspiring Winter Wedding Photos – SLR Lounge





Just Married – Photos that Capture the Joy of Saying “I do”

We are excited to see our clients Lisa and Cat on World Best Wedding Photos. This amazing wedding was at the Mt. Hood Organic Farms, one of our all time favorite venues to photograph just outside Portland, Oregon. One of the best destination wedding locations in Oregon, near Hood River.

Full Article: Just Married – The Photos that Capture the Joy of saying “I do.”



Worlds Best Wedding Photos

We are included in the top 50 photographers in the world.  Being part of the Worlds Best Wedding Photos community is so powerful. Surrounding ourselves with the best moves us to become our best.

Full Article: Worlds Best Wedding Photos


Best Engagement Photography Locations Around Portland, Oregon

Looking for great locations to take engagement photos around Portland, Oregon? We took some time to write up twenty of our favorite engagement photography locations around Portland and why. Check it out.

Full Article: Best Engagement Photography Locations around Portland, Oregon


SLR Lounge | Masters of Light | Off-Camera Flash

We are so thrilled to be announced as ambassadors of the Master Lighting + Off-Camera Flash (OCF) with SLR Lounge and included in their recent article for photographers. Join this group and learn very valuable information. It’s free.

Full Article: SLR Lounge – Masters of Light – Off-Camera Flash


How I Shot It – MagMod – Interviews JOS & TREE

Educating ourselves with other photographers is hands down been the biggest game-changer for our photography business. Yesterday we had the priveledge of being interviewed in “How I Shot It” by the amazing Trevor Dayley with MagMod. The MagMod tools give us the freedom to capture photojournalistic wedding photography, our favorite style. Join us in this video and let us know all of your thoughts. Feedback is paramount. Learning is the best!

Full Article: “How I Shot It” – MagMod Interviews JOS & TREE


Top 100 Fearless Photographers in the World for 2018

We are honored to be one of the top 100 Fearless Photographers of 2018. Earning Fearless Awards is extremely difficult. Normally only 1-2% of submitted photos are selected as Fearless awards for each contest.  Together we earned 6 Fearless award in 2018. Jos ranked #37 (#6 for USA) and #44 overall in the world (#8 for USA). We are excited as a “team” since we consider both of us in every shot we take. We are constantly inspired by the Fearless community and always seeking to learn and grow in new ways. Huge thank you to Huy Nguyen, Fearless Photographers founder, for taking the entire industry to a new level every year.

Full Article: Jos WoodSmith #37 Fearless Photographer for 2018
Full Article: Top 100 Fearless Photographers for 2018


Professional Photographers Advice – Things You Don’t Need to Buy

Here’s some extremely helpful advice about how to save money by knowing what NOT to buy. Written by a group of seasoned smart professional photographers, including Jos & Tree. Save money/time. Read on!

SLR Lounge: 15 Professional Photographers Tell Us Things You Don’t Need To Buy


Best Portland Wedding Photographers

We are honored to be on the top list for Portland wedding photographers from Peer Space. They included us in celebrating the top 12 photographers in Portland as photographers who “really stand out from the competition.” We are excited and up for the continued challenge.

Full Article: Best Portland Wedding Photographers


Jos & Tree – judges for This Is Reportage – Collection 7

Being asked to judge photography contests is always an opportunity for us to learn and grow. This coming January 24th we will be judging Collection 7 for This is Reportage. We love this contest because it focuses on wedding photojournalism which is our favorite form of photography.

Full Article: This is Reportage – Collection 7


Top 100 ISPWP Wedding Photographers in the World – 2018

We are thrilled to be recognized in the top wedding photographers in the world with the Internatioal Society of Professional Wedding Photographers. The photography communities we engage with constantly challenge us every year to learn, grow and become the best at what we do. Thank you Joe Milton with ISPWP, you are a true leader for all of us.


MAY 2018

B & H interview Jos & Tree about Documentary Wedding Photography

Jos and Tree Marie Woodsmith, of Portland, Oregon-based Jos Studios, ensure a trusting relationship by meeting with the couple—in person or via Skype—multiple times prior to the wedding. “We listen, and we ask a lot of questions,” says Tree, “and let our couples know that the better we know them, the more we can identify what to look for when shooting the wedding. They inherently trust us because they know we care.”

Full Article: Challenges and Rewards of Documentary Wedding Photography


Huffington Post’s 30 Favorite wedding photos

The Huffington Post selected one of our photos in their favorite top 30 wedding photos from around the world. These images were selected from Fearless Photographers latest collection of award-winning images.

30 Award Winning Photos that Deserve a 2nd Glance


Jos & Tree – Judges for ISPWP Fall 2018 Contest

Tree and Jos were graciously invited by Joe Milton, founder of ISPWP (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers), to judge the Fall 2018 contest.

Full Article: Tree & Jos Contest Judges for the Fall 2018 ISPWP


Fearless Features Jos & Tree

Excited to see 2 of our photos in these collections of “Right On!” photos by Fearless Photographers put together by Huy Nguyen, Founder and President of Fearless Photographers.  Trees emotional capture of a small girl hugging photo (part 1) and Jos’ creatively lit groomsmen photo (part 2). Great to observe and learn from all these good photos.

Full Article: Fearless Photographers
Full Article: Fearless Photographers 


Holdfast Gear Features Tree & Jos

It goes without saying that a lot goes into capturing the ‘perfect’ shot. Everything from lighting to environment to cooperation from the subject you’re shooting are all factors in crystallizing those timeless moments that pass all too quickly. But before the composition and the lighting come into play, your gear has to work, or all that time and effort spent setting up the ideal shot will go to waste. Tree & Jos and their commercial brand Wood + Smith know how vital it is to have the right gear.

HoldFast Gear higlights how Jos & Tree Uses the right Gear


Rangefinder features JOS & TREE as Instructors

We are honored to be invited to speak at WPPI this coming February 27th in Las Vegas. Rangefinder Magazine has featured our advice and image in their January 2018 issue.

Look No Further. Its All Here. Advice from a few of our new instructors


Wonderful Wedding Colors from around the World

Thrilling to see our Fearless photo recognized as one of the “Wonderful Wedding Colors from around the World” by MSN today. Tree and I worked very quickly as a team to capture this fleeting moment. We invited everyone into a fun interactive game while also using our off camera flash camera left. Special thanks to MagMod light modifiers to help light this epic moment.

Full Article: MSN – Wonderful Wedding Colors from Around the World


Jos & Tree – Jurors for Masters of Wedding Photography

We have been invited to be international jurors for the next Masters of Wedding Photography contest. This Masters contest has been growing over the past 4 years. They originated in Holland and Ireland and have expanded to Germany, Italy, the UK, and now North America, to combine Canada, USA and Mexico. We are thrilled for this contest and look forward to learning from everyones best photographs. Checkout the result links from previous contests.

Full Article: JOS & TREE – Masters of Wedding Photography Jurors
Full Article: The Netherlands – Masters of Wedding Photography
Full Article: Germany – Masters of Wedding Photography
Full Article: Italy – Masters of Wedding Photography


13 Places in Europe to Propose to your Partner

A travel magazine called Days to Come powered by Tourradar shared our best piece of advice for anyone looking to propose in Cinque Terre. Among 13 different travel destinations from Iceland, Italy, Finland, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Germany, France, Denmark, Greece, and Prague this team of experienced tour specialists offer great tips on where to get down on your knee. If you are a travel adventure enthusiast Days to Come offers some of the best travel advice you can find. Check it out!

Full Article: 13 places in Europe to Propose


Training with the Best Photographers in the World

We take learning very seriously and constantly pushing our craft to new levels. Collaborating with other creatives is critical for learning new ways of seeing, performing to our potential, mastering light and composition, dealing with difficult settings, refining our workflow, and growing through critique. Our most recent training was with the 2 top wedding photographers in the World, Erika and Lanny Mann with Two Mann.  The workshop challenged us to learn and grow like never before. We are thrilled be Two Mann alumni and part of a community of photographers who seek to “transcend wedding photography.”

Full Article: TWO MANN albumni


Oregon Bride Magazine celebrates wedding photographers you can trust

We are honored to be included in Oregon Bride Magazines top 8 wedding photographers you can trust to capture your big day.

Full Article: Oregon Bride – Wedding Photographers You Can Trust


Fearless Photographers Photo of the Day – Nikki & Paul

Nikki & Paul’s ecstatic reception photo is showcased on Fearless Photographers “Photo of the Day.” This photograph was personally curated with love and care by Huy Nguyen, the founder of Fearless Photographers.  Fearless photographers has over 3000+ members worldwide and its a real honor to have this photograph spotlighted on their Instagram and official website. Fearless Photographers are for couples who truly love photography.

Full Article: Fearless Photographers Photo of the Day – Official Website
Full Article: Fearless Photo of the Day by JOS WOODSMITH (USA) – Instagram



JPEGmini showcases our images at PhotPlus Expo in NYC

Even though we aren’t in NYC at PhotoPlus Expo, our photos are. Thanks JPEGmini for showcasing some of our work at your booth. JPEGmini showcases how photographers can use their “compression” software and NOT lose quality. Thanks Mantas Kubilinskas for capturing it for us and Mitchell Schneider for being so awesome to work with!!!

Full Article: JPEGmini showcases JOS studios photos at PhotPlus Expo in NYC



Rangefinder Spotlights Jos & Tree and Wood & Smith

“As wedding photographers continue to expand their brands, focusing on key marketing elements including names, logos, and websites – are becoming more important than ever. Jos & Tree tells us how they do it” – as told by Jacqueline Tobin – Rangefinder Magazine

Full Article: Rangefinder Magazine



ISPWP – interviews Jos & Tree about questions you should (and should not) ask your wedding photographer

The ISPWP conducted an informal poll of its members to see what questions they wished their clients would ask them (and what questions they wish they didn’t ask). We received an interesting variety of answers, let us know what your thoughts are in the comments!

Full Article: questions you should (and should not) ask your wedding photographer



BuzzFeed Includes Jos & Tree’s photo in top 41 Romantic Ideas

BuzzFeed lists our lifestyle image of Justinea and Justin in Florence, Italy in their top 41 romantic ideas to elevate your engagement pictures: “Capture a Low and Emotional Angle.”

Full Article: 41 Ideas to Elevate Your Engagement Pictures


JUNE 2016

Huffington Post Showcases Shannon & Kiernan

The excitement of a bride and groom get ready are some of our favorite moments of anticipation. We are thrilled to see The Huffington Post write about Shannon and Kiernan’s getting ready moment in a beloved 16th century countryside Renaissance villa in the heart of Umbria, Italy.


JUNE 2016

Tree & Jos speak at Mystic Seminars 2017

We are beyond excited, honored to be speaking at Mystic Seminars Portland January 17-19th 2017 in our hometown Portland, Oregon. We deeply respect the creative minds, talent, and experience in the Mystic Seminars community.

We will be presenting KEEPING IT REAL. Learn how the art of photography begins with the art of communication. Discover our favorite truths about how to bond with clients to develop trust for a fun, creative, and authentic experience.

If you are a photographer looking for a killer learning experience sign up for the early bird specialThank you to our sponsors: Fundy Designer | Finao Albums | Shootproof


JUNE 2016

JPEG mini Interviews TREE & JOS

We’re so lucky to have had the chance to ask Jos and Tree some great questions about how they work so well in photography and how other photographers can learn from them.

Full Article: One Important Piece of Advice for Aspiring Photographers

JULY 2015

Huffington Post Showcases Lisa & Brian

Lisa and Brian’s magical lightning moment was the lead image on the front page of HuffPost Weddings.

Full Article: Come on lightening! Bring it on!

JUNE 2015

Rangefinder Magazine Interviews JOS studios

“… we think breaking the rules and doing something artistic and more emotional with a raw edge better represents professional photography…” – Jos (Rf June 2015 – pg. 54-56)

Rangefinder (Rf) is the award-winning monthly magazine for wedding and portrait photographers, and the official publication of Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI).

Full Article: Avoiding Local Cliches – Play With Light

Full Article: Rangefinders Blog – Destination Weddings

MAY 2015

Junebug Weddings Features Amber & Brian

Amber and Brian’s Oregon summer wedding was full of gorgeous golden light, an incredible forest setting, and whimsical details

Full Article: Fun Outdoor Wedding at Camp Angelos

Full Article: Junebugs Favorites: Top Pics of the Week


Fundy Software Features Jos & Tree

We had the pleasure of spending time with Jos and Tree at Mystic Seminars this year, and not only do they have some fantastic work, but they are just overall great people.

Full Article: Featured Photographer Jos & Tree


Junebug Weddings Features Mark & David

An ecstatic wedding at the Mt. Hood Organic Farms where Mark and David were so excited they could hardly keep their feet on the ground.

Full Article: Whimsical Mountain Wedding in Oregon


Junebug Weddings – Best Wedding Photographers

Junebug Weddings includes JOS studios in their Truest Hot List as one of the top 10 best wedding photographers in Oregon and Napa.

Full Article: Best Wedding Photographers in Oregon and Napa


Junebug Weddings Features TREE & JOS

Tree and Jos’ whimsical wedding looked as if it were right out of the pages of a storybook. A midsummer night’s dream wedding indeed. With dazzling personality, creativity, and originality, their artistic expression of love and commitment made for a beautifully unique and richly symbolic day. Photos by Thomas Flint Photographers – By Cherry Photography – Julianna Patrick Photography – Moetic Films

Full Article: Midsummer Night’s Dream Wedding


Fearless Photographers welcomes JOS studios

Fearless Photographers include Jos and Tree as one of the boldest and brightest photographers around the globe.

Full Article: Jos WoodSmith
Full Article: Tree WoodSmith


Fearless Photographers Features Jos WoodSmith

Fearless Photographers are among the world’s best wedding photographers.

Full Article: Oregon Wedding Photographer – Jos Smith

JULY 2014

Huffington Post Showcases LesleyAnne & Brent

The Huffington Post features our shot of LesleyAnne and Brent’s beautiful wedding under the stunning St. John’s Bridge in Portland.

Full Article: 7 Secret Spots to Tie the Knot in Fall
Full Article: 7 of the best kept wedding secrets in North America

OCT 2013

La Fleur Features Jaclyn & Chad

La Fleur Magazine features Jos & Tree images from an extraordinary wedding in the heart of Oregon’s wine country.  Flawless execution by Nora Sheils with Bridal Bliss.

Full Article: Destination Weddings

OCT 2013

Oregon Bride Features Nikki & Paul’s Destination Wedding

We are thrilled to see our fun late-night pool party captured from Nikki & Paul’s Belize Wedding featured in Oregon Bride.

Full Article: Oregon Bride

OCT 2013

Bride in Italy Features Letizia & Morgan

Letizia and Morgan’s gorgeous Sicilian Wedding in Milazzo was given lots of praise by Bride in Italy in their Real Weddings – una sposa retro nella meravigliosa Milazzo

Full Article: A Dreamy Destination Wedding in Sicily, Italy

OCT 2013

Maharani Features Kiran & Siddharth

We are thrilled to see Kiran and Siddharth’s wedding on Maharani weddings blog. We are also excited to be 1 of the top 6 published in Real Wedding – Summer/Fall 2013 Portland Bride & Groom illustrating Kiran+Siddharth’s stunning Indian wedding.

Full Article: South Indian Wedding Mehndi Party

Full Article: Intimate Indian Wedding On Lake

OCT 2013

La Fleur Features Letizia & Morgan

La Fleur featured Letizia & Morgan’s Sicilian Wedding as one of their #1 destination weddings in their 2014 issue. La Fleur Magazine inspires women to live a passionate life and connects the community.

Full Article: Real Weddings

OCT 2013

Portland Bride & Groom Interviews Jos & Tree

Portland Bride & Groom – interviews JOS for the expert advise column in the article MASTER CLASS addressing key issues about the three big-day subjects real brides told us mattered most.

Full Article: Master Class


2012 Bravo Wedding Guide – Cover Photo

Our images from Nicole and Nima’s wedding were used for the front and back cover of the Bravo 2012 Wedding Resource Guide.  Bravo! is the northwest’s most trusted name in northwest wedding planning.

Full Article: 2012 Bravo Wedding – Cover Photo – Jos & Tree


Style Me Pretty Features Matt & Jess

Style Me Pretty names Matt Watson as “Super Duper Groom of the Year.”

Full Article: Oregon Wedding

Full Article: JLM Weddings Matt & Jess