Every time we commit to shooting a destination wedding we simply dive in deep into the entire experience. We become one with all of the guests and ebb and flow with every move and feeling we see. “Going all in” is really the only way we feel we can truly tell the full story. When Nikki and Paul invited us to be part of their Belize wedding experience with 50 of their best friends at Portofino Beach Resort we knew we were in for a serious adventure. From shooting underwater photography of their scuba certifications (harmless sharks), hanging off the edge of their full-day catamaran excursion for Nikki’s birthday (the day before their wedding), all the late-night dinners, epic meals, drinks, laughs, spontaneous day trips into nearby towns, their intimate morning after massages and pool party, to lounging around the gorgeous lagoon hammocks and all the heartfelt goodbyes. We felt like lifelong friends. We were SO honored to be there with them during every moment to document this lifetime experience. Nikki and Paul don’t do anything without pouring every ounce of their energy into each other and all of their very best friends. Like Nikki’s words described so well, “You are my north, south, my east, and west. May our love forever guide us through life’s unknown.”

Fearless Photographers Award Winning Image of Bride carrying groom in pool late night party with water flying everywhere with great off camera flash

A very special thank you to the gorgeous venue at Portofino Beach Resort. The care and attention to detail from the entire staff is unmatched, not to mention the slice of paradise offered to guests. And Kristin Baker your hair and makeup talents are so lovely.