Kaylee and Glenn know exactly what they love: deep nature. For the eclipse, they went for an overnight hike on the Pacific Northwest Goat Lake loop. Kaylee claims the only other hike that matches this hike is Routenburn track in New Zealand. Goat Lake is surrounded by ridges and ranges of the Goat Rocks Wilderness and the sweeping valley and waterfall.

Well, you can imagine from this story that in addition to the eclipse this is where some additional magic happened. As Kaylee explained, “I made my way to the top of the rock with my pair of cardboard glasses. It was almost time for the full eclipse, and I was begging Glenn to get up on the rock to watch with me. He was fiddling around with stuff on the ground, as he always is, so I didn’t think anything of it. Finally, right before the moon fully passed in front of the sun, I convinced Glenn he needed to join me on the rock. I had my glasses on, so I was blind to the entire world — I didn’t see him climb onto the rock, nor did I pay much attention when he began talking. He asked for me by name, which usually only accompanies him being mad, and then asked me to marry him. I moved my head in his general direction, cardboard glasses still in place, and asked if he was teasing. When he asked me again, I took my glasses off and saw him kneeling and holding onto a little Douglas Fir sapling. He wasn’t kidding. I couldn’t believe anything. How perfect everything was, and the beautiful place I was in. It truly was like being in a movie. I also couldn’t believe that Glenn had somehow packed an entire tree sapling in his pack two days beforehand, hiked 7 miles with it in his backpack, and camped one night, all without me having a clue. When Glenn proposed, it was right at the peak of the eclipse, and everything had gone a little off-color, like the entire world had a photo filter. We finished watching the eclipse together and then moved on to the other beautiful sites awaiting us on the hike. We explored the lake above us before moving on through the fields of wildflowers, back down into the valley, and into the forest. It was here in the tree line that we found somewhere for our little sapling to be planted. Hopefully, he thrives, and we are able to go visit him one day after he’s grown.”

Kaylee and Glenn continued this nature hike tradition for their wedding by holding their ceremony at Umbrella Falls just off the trail near Mt Hood Meadows ski resort. It was a perfectly sunny day. Quiet. Surreal. Intimate. With closest friends and family. After the ceremony, they took a scenic trail circling back to their cars. They found gorgeous groves of trees and beautiful sunlit meadows all to themselves. It really doesn’t get any better than deep sublime nature surrounding you on your wedding day. When they returned to Portland they found long beautiful slivers of light and shadows for a fun urban walk through backstreets. Their reception with 70 guests was held at the Bridgeport Brewing Heritage Room. Since they love beer so much we made sure to get a last late-night creative shot of them in the basement lit up with all the beer vats. WPS Inspirational Wedding Photographers loved this shot so much they gave it an international award.

award winning wedding photo of bride and groom at bridgeport brewery wedding in Portland Oregon by Jos and Tree

Photographers: Jos & Tree | Reception: Bridgeport Brewing Heritage Room
Dress – Lillian West
Shoes – Converse | DJ – Katie w/ Stumptown DJs
Dessert – Nineteen27 S’mores

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