Francis and Greg know how to play and are willing to dive into any situation and make it their own. This chemistry to “invent” within their relationship is absolutely genius and beautiful. It really doesn’t matter where they are, they just make magic happen. When we stepped near this fountain in Fernhill Park and the water spontaneously turned on spraying all of us, they just dove into it. And this was the beginning of their “engagement photo shoot” which means they were drenched with water from the start. Not to worry, they just kept rolling in the water laughing and playing without a worry in the world. Man, if there isn’t a better attribute than this, we don’t know what is. So fun. One of their favorite things to do is travel, so we did something different by exploring the architecture of the Portland International Airport, including a fun (safe) photo underneath planes flying by as they danced with endless enthusiasm. And then Keys Lounge. What a killer place to end the night. Great food. Colorful backdrops. Exquisite mood. We love celebrating these two and can’t wait for their wedding.

We are currently updating the finished photos for this lifestyle engagement session with the latest software technology. Full image collection coming soon!

Portland Engagement Photo of two hands holding in water with engagement ring Photographers: Jos & Tree | Location #1: Fernhill Park
Location #2: Portland International Airport | Location #2: Keys Lounge
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