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If there is one thing we’ve learned over the past 15 years of running our full-time photography business, its the value of education. For us, it has always been the number one game-changer.

Looking back there is always something we could have done to make it better. “If we only had known X or done Y” we would have saved so much time and been that more effective.

Our online mentoring program includes both of us (Jos & Tree) 100% focused on listening and adapting to your exact needs.

We are a wide open book and will help identify and develop your photography skills and business to its full potential. We will help you dissect the most challenging questions, give you assignments and encourage you to grow. We will be your guides and accountability partners to take you on a personal growth expedition.

Are you ready to get started?!

Speaking of business education, check out Business as an Adventure. They just launched the first ever business course called All Method, No Madness. This is a total game changer. Don’t miss it.



Select topics are available as off shoots from our workshops. Below are a few to start but not limited to:

the mental game: mastering creative focus and maximizing a marathon shoot
creative catalysts:
 25 innovative devices used to revolutionize compositions and see dramatic light and shadow
mastering difficult light: making magic happen amidst the madness of miserable light
the silver bullet of OCF: shaping dramatic light using all the MagMod tools during photojournalistic moments and creative portraits
high-performance teamwork: 10 no-nonsense teamwork strategies and a powerful lighting sign language that helps capture insane photos without going insane
experiential portraiture: welcoming couples into diverse experiences that provoke playful and emotional expressions
personal optimization: expanding your personal power potential
systems: strategic workflow structures and processes that create work-life balance
compelling communication: the cosmic hat of creating client connection
mastering the clients experience: how to optimize your clients experience, supporting them with the most meaningful wedding adventure and connection with their friends and family.
photo editing: mastering Lightroom and Photoshop image perspectives and editing skills for maximim visual impact.  
constructive critique: honest image evaluations that will polish your perspective and portfolio
community support: networking with like-minded photographers who will continue to challenge and assist you
business: album sales, client workflow, sales and marketing.


Online mentor sessions are 2 hours with both Jos and Tree.

$350 – 1 session
$975 – 3 sessions
$1525 – 5 sessions
$2750 – 10 sessions 

Limited to open and experienced photographers who are ready to EVOLVE! 

Payment options available if needed. 


How should I prepare? camera, lights, memory, laptop, and a deep hunger to learn. 
We have two photographers in the same studio, can we get a discount? please email us, this is determined case by case basis.
Could we still get in touch with you after the mentor session? for sure, we hope so!  as part of the mentoring, we will invite you to our EVOLVE group online where we share and connect with each other. We are always here for our attendees.

Get ready for fun dynamic learning!

We can’t wait to meet you! Sign up below by providing us with your full name, email address, website address and any questions you have and we will send you a link to sign up.


(503) 781 1306 or (503) 709 1922