When Sahar and Benny reached out to us from Los Angeles over a Skype and found ourselves talking late into the night about their life and Persian/Costa Rican wedding plans at the Oregon Golf Club. Their intriguing story about how they met at Whittier College in the Stauffer Dorms is seriously awesome. “Sahar and Benny met at Whittier College in the Stauffer Dorms. Soon after meeting they quickly become friends and more so competitors in everything they do. Long grueling battles over beer pong, snood, mancala, speed, and sports brought these two even closer together. These two have a long history, which began as a college romance S- L-O-W-L-Y grew into a lifelong partnership. Going to college together and then starting their professional careers, they have shared life-changing experiences that have made them the people we love today.” Check out their proposal story, it is so good it cannot be paraphrased, not a detail should be missed from how it was told…

“Benny always knew where and how he wanted to ask Sahar to spend the rest of her life with him. He took her back to the beginning where it all began – where they first kissed and shared the words I love you- her sophomore dorm room 213. Benny made up an elaborate story that he was speaking at Whittier College to a group of Seniors in the Sports Management program and asked Sahar to join in the audience for support during his speech. He even went as far as to have Sahar edit his speech! Sahar showed up and had no idea of Benny’s plans. He had involved campus safety so that he could get access to the dorms. He proceeded to tell Sahar that they were early and suggested checking out the campus.  Without a clue Sahar walked throughout the dorms, sharing old memories and not evening connecting the dots.  As they entered Sahar’s old sophomore dorm room Benny said this is where it all began, when I first kissed you, told you I loved you and now where I want to propose to you! These two have shared a great story and history together. Benny and Sahar are truly best friends that have grown into the adults we love and cherish today!  They are blessed and excited to start this new chapter in their love story.”

There is one thing for sure, they live and love every moment to the fullest! We found ourselves losing all track of time in endless conversations with them over dinner and a wine when they came to Portland for their lifestyle engagement shoot. And their passion for family and friends is top priority. When it came time to shoot their Oregon Golf Club wedding we found ourselves amidst 300+ guests who know how to have an epic time. We felt so lucky to be part of their circle of family and friends, some of whom we’ve shot before: Nicole & Nima Darabi. The excitement at Sahar and Benny’s Oregon Golf Club wedding just kept building and building. And we must say they gave us extra energy while shooting each moment, we rode a massive wave of fun and joy all day and night. Fantastic!

Photographers: Jos & Tree | Lighting Assistant: Mary Moore | Venue: Oregon Golf Club
Wedding Planner: Champagne Wedding Coordination | Ceremony Sofreh: Homa Bambechi
Ceremony Officiate: Wedding Vows by Nilou | Videographer: Focal Point Media
Florist: Lasting Impressions | DJ: Express Entertainment – Behzad Talebi | MC Host: Amir Panahpour