Imagine preparing for a wedding over the course of 18 months. Then, 48 hrs before your wedding its cancelled. What to do? Where to go? How to respond?

Jen and Dan’s Mt. Hood Oregon Resort wedding was a quick pivot from an unexpected fire that broke out at Timberline Lodge Resort two days earlier. Together with Jen and Dan’s amazing life perspective, the local community, and friends and family (who flew in from all over) stepped in to help support these two have an extraordinarily meaningful wedding. Unforgettable!

KATU 2 attended the ceremony and interviewed Jen and Dan. Read here.

Huge compassion pours out to the staff at Timberline Lodge Resort. They are such a solid team and with the help of local fire fighters put out the threatening fire. We are so thankful the fire didn’t destroy Timberline Lodge, and no one was hurt. Today they are back open!

Full story telling photos coming soon.

Bride and Groom surrounded by friends and family praying with their hands on them during their Mt Hood Oregon Resort wedding

Venue: Mt. Hood Oregon Resort
Dress: handmade by the bride