We were graciously asked by Paul McNerney and Krystal Prue with Studio Foto to join their team to capture one of the grandest weddings we’ve ever photographed. There were a total of 9 visual artists capturing this wedding: 5 still photographers (including Matt Grazier w/ Grazier Photography) and 4 cinematographers from Elysium Productions.  Missy and Nick were married on the concert stage looking out over the majestic Nebraska Valley mountain range behind the Trapp Family Lodge.  The Trapp Family lodge has over 2400 acres of land and this wedding ushered over 400 guests all over the property inviting them into unique experiences throughout the day and night. From their welcome dinner the night before on the massive lawn looking out over the mountain range, their grand ceremony with the entire Vermont Philharmonic Orchestra performing as Missy walked down the isle, 2 different cocktail parties, one on the lawn to a second in a covered wooded area (orchestra performing there too), to a massive covered tent with the most exquisite dinner and endless dancing into the night with DJ Jazzy Jeff. Missy and Nick had the most extraordinary connection and love for one another. Laughter and tears flowing everywhere all day! Peering in on their intimate and ecstatic moments with our lenses was truly a once in a lifetime wedding to capture! We even happened to capture a very intimate and powerful proposal in the golden light in the woods (see images)!!! Thank you Paul and Krystal for inviting us to join in on the team effort to help tell this profound story.

Photographs in this post by Jos & Tree | Principle Photographers: Paul & Krystal – Studio Foto Associate Photographer: Matt Grazier w/ Grazier Photography | Cinematographers: Elysium Productions
Venue: Trapp Family Lodge | Location: Stowe, Vermont | DJ: DJ Jazzy Jeff