Carla and Konstantin’s Machu Picchu engagement adventure was almost something we never imagined possible. We think it goes without saying, “Hiking Machu Picchu will take your breath away.” Not only with the views and ancient history of this magical place, but the fact that we are up at 8,835 feet where the altitude sickness might make you a bit dizzy, queezy, and uneasy. For Carla and Konstantin they didn’t think twice about it, they were all in for the adventure. We began at 6 am riding the bus up a steep windy hill from Aguas Calientes to Macchu Picchu. We hiked through the ruins to the trailhead of Wayna Picchu and stood looking up the large mountain that sits directly behind Machu Picchu. The views of the Citadel and mountains are extraordinary from the top. From this point, we hiked up 1000 feet up a steep angle above the city overlooking brilliant vistas from multiple angles. The terraces and temple remnants are spectacular and left us in wonder about how the Inca’s were able to build this magical place.

This was the perfect hiking inspiration for Carla and Konstantin days leading into their fantastic Lima Peru wedding.

Photographers: Jos & Tree


ISPWP (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers) awarded the first photo in this gallery for their Winter 2018 international photo contest in the “engagement” category.

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