When Carla and Konstantin (and their adorable little girl Sofia) skyped with us from their home in Los Angeles we were immediately mesmerized by their relaxed personalities and sense of adventure. We quickly discovered how athletic/physical and active they are while at the same time very easy going. They like almost all the same things, never fight, and have a very athlete minded team/family mentalities. They enjoy traveling, history, architecture and love European coastal towns and islands. Since Carla grew up in Peru with many of her family and friends, they decided to have a multi-day event in Lima Peru and turn their wedding into a full-blown experience for their guests. Their wedding included 150 guests with 40 in the wedding party with a “Game of Thrones” theme. They wanted everything to be very upscale with deep lush/regal colors and hints of the show. When they told us how much they liked our bold and expressive style, good use of low light, and photojournalistic “moment driven” approach we knew we were the perfect fit. Our 5-day adventure with Carla and Konstantin and their guests began with a Welcome Gathering at the CALA restaurante where they serve the best pisco sours on the planet. Our second day included us pre-visualizing wedding locations while wandering around Lima then joining everyone along the Miraflores Boardwalk for their Rehearsal Dinner at the La Rosa Nautica Restaurante. Their welcome dinner went late into the night with some of the most heartfelt toasts we’ve ever heard not to mention captivating ocean views. Early that next morning Carla and Konstantin got ready in the JW Marriott in Miraflores Peru and their ceremony was held in the Iglesia Virgen Milagrosa in the center of Lima. Their ceremony was remarkably beautiful not only because of the history and massive architecture of the cathedral but because of the authentic and enchanting music by Cantar de Cantares. Their ceremony also allowed for a “public mass” which added an extra special local presence. From that point forward we kept photographing till 4 am with a Karibe Band that delivered the most eclectic collection of songs we’ve ever heard. Some of the most awesome dancing and celebration we’ve ever witnessed. WOW! Their reception was so inspiring we couldn’t help but continue photographing til the very end and their amazing videographers Blue Kombi kept right up with us. And the adventure didn’t end there. The next day we flew into Cusco (Cuzco) on a 747 with a real eye-opening experience. Since Cusco is near the Urubamba Valley of the Andes mountain range at 11,200 feet our plane had to land using a downward spiral pattern. Looking out the window while landing was dizzying but these pilots surprisingly executed the smoothest landing. We then took a gorgeous train ride to Machu Picchu on the vintage Sacred Valley Train (which felt something only James Bond 007 would be on). All of us hiked through Machu Picchu that day and the next morning at 7 am a smaller group of us returned to Machu Picchu to hike all the way to the top of Wayne Picchu (yes up extremely narrow stone steps without railings) to capture the most advantageous view of Machu Picchu with Carla and Konstantin’s wedding outfits. Our journey ended at Museo Del Pisco for some epic pisco sours which are Peru’s flagship drink which Peruvians call “the elixir of other gods.”

A very special thank you to the venue JW Marriott in Miraflores Peru for supplying Carla and Konstantin with so many exquisite in-house services such as the flowers and food. All of the elaborate reception decors was provide by Meche Koechlin Eventos. Carla’s dress was designed by Galia Lahav and beautiful little Sofia’s dress was made by Lesy Firenze. All of the unique “Game of Thrones” bridesmaids dresses were from Rent The Runway (RTR) and groomsmen rentals from The Black Tux. Carla’s lovely hair & make up was by Carolina Indacochea. Rings were from Tiffany & Co. All of the beautiful church bouquets were provided by Mirtha Morales. Their incredibly unique Game of Thrones cake was made by Roxana Bezville. And last but not least thank you to Profoto USA for allowing us to test drive the new A1 speed lights which work perfectly with the portable Profoto B2. They never miss a shot, simplify technology (free us up for more mental bandwidth to do our jobs), batteries that last an entire wedding, and make the most beautiful light. We are excited to announce that 2 images from this wedding were awarded in the recent ISPWP Winter 2018 contest.