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pulls your heartstrings to the brink of tears

Otherworldly. It’s not just how I describe the art of Jos and Tree’s photography, which, like an ethereal experience, halts your breath and pulls your heartstrings to the brink of tears and beyond, but it’s also inimitably who Jos and Tree are. They are deep souls, artists, photographers who dare to capture the timing of raw moments, who summit unimaginable viewpoints with acrobatic ease (while both donning hats, mind you), who commit to history your innermost human experiences close-up, and yet magically include an all-encompassing composition of that moment, emotionally, physically, geographically, sensorily, spiritually. They and their photography transcend time. 

Anne-Marie & Riley

Bride and groom dancing on a sailboat in Amalfi Italy near Villa Cimbrone headed to their rehearsal dinner

they invest in you. long before your event.

To that point, Jos and Tree are not your standard “wedding vendor”. They invest in you. Long before your event. They generously dedicate purposeful time to understand you and your partner, to get to know you, to develop great comfort and connection, so that when your occasion arrives, they are not just “photographers” but friends. In many ways, they were some of our most cherished wedding guests. They are also magicians. And swift hummingbirds. And determined eagles. They fly into view, capturing the most emotionally charged candid shots, from above, below, in your face, under your hands, inside your embrace, and magically, you don’t even notice them at work. We must have stepped over them at one point in order for them to capture a shot, and yet I have no recollection of them being in view at all.

Anne-Marie (from Anne-Marie & Riley’s wedding)

the most important and timeless investment from our wedding.

Upon our introduction, I mentioned the specialness of our venue and how it “stays with you”. Now, nearly a year since our wedding, it’s not the venue that has stayed with us, but Jos and Tree and their inconceivable, mesmerizing photography of our lives, our relationships, our love, that have captivated our souls. They – themselves and their photography – are the gifts that keep on giving. It is an honor to know them, and we are incredibly lucky to have had them immortalize this chapter of our lives. And we dream it won’t be the last.

For photographs that leave you breathless, that transport you to another time and place, that capture the intimate heartbeat and soul of every moment and guest of your occasion, Jos and Tree are simply the best. They and their art are otherworldly, and they are undoubtedly the most important and timeless investment from our wedding.

– Anne-Marie (from Anne-Marie & Riley’s wedding)

these guys will be your friends

These guys will be your friends, they will support you and guide you through your special day, and they will listen to you. If you are not sure that you can open up and tell them what is important to you, they (Jos) will break that wall down, he is man enough to earn your trust, and he is artistic enough to earn your trust. You will want to tell him what is important and dear, and you will want to help them capture your prize moments your Strength, and your weakness on this special day.

Tree, she is just “over the moon” good, she is so sweet and so open and so captivating that she will always surprise you with her humor, her banter, her open love for you, and her enthusiasm for what you and your bride are doing at any given moment. She will be as excited as you are, about your wedding experience. She makes you feel that your wedding is the most important wedding she has ever photographed.

Riley (from Anne-Marie & Riley’s wedding)

they earn your trust and gratitude

They earn your trust and gratitude long before the wedding day, they make sure that when the time comes you are already so comfortable with them that you look to them for support as they capture your most intimate moments. You will want them by your side, and you will know they are right behind you all the time, supporting you in spirit and in words and effort, but never losing sight of their primary purpose and which is to capture the moment.

The skill and the effort they put into your wedding are indescribable. They work harder than everyone else, they are up above, in the background, but always in the right place at the right time. After your wedding, you will say I wish I had a picture of “that”, and they will have that picture for you. After multiple in-person visits before the wedding and three days on the Amalfi Coast, I can honestly say, with complete confidence, if you want to capture your real self, the personality of your guest, and the best times of your life, Jos and Tree are the absolute choices.

Jos and Tree became our friends through the pre-wedding visits. They visited and photographed us in New Orleans and Washington DC at our convenience to get to know us, not a part of the package. They came to our special places and danced with our actual band long before the wedding. They understood us and what was important, we hugged their neck when they showed up in Italy.

Most important, the art of their work is second to none. They went over and above. I thank them and value the art/life/joy they captured for us.

– Riley (from Anne-Marie & Riley’s wedding)

they were deeply inquisitive about grasping what mattered.

“Before our wedding, Jos and Tree were deeply inquisitive about grasping what mattered most to us. During our big weekend, they bumped up country roads, scaled ladders, crawled through brush, and contorted around revelers to capture everything from the profound to the silly.”

Anya & Connor

we cannot imagine our wedding without them.

“Jos and Tree are the most caring, positive, energetic, and kind human beings. They wore many hats during our 4-day long wedding in southern France: photographers, wedding planners, troop gatherers, counselors—all of these with a huge smile on their face.  It felt like Jos and Tree were family. We cannot imagine our wedding without them.”

Caro & Ben

I cannot believe the emotion you captured

“We are over the moon with the pictures! I am speechless! Thank you for making all of my photography dreams come true! I cannot believe the emotion you captured. Absolutely amazing! Wow. Your lighting is out of this world!”

Kate & Keegan

they are a gift to the world

“Better than you can imagine. The amazing duo of Jos and Tree captured our entire wedding day in the most incredible and dynamic way. I promise you will not regret choosing them. They are beautiful, talented humans who are truly a gift to their profession and to the world.”

Jenny & Brady

Bride and Groom looking out over Timberline Lodge from Silcox Hut photos by josandtree
Epic dancing photo of bride and groom on dacefloor in Petaluma California

seriously jaw dropping!

“THESE. ARE. AMAZING!!!!!!!!! This was SO much fun to watch, it’s the first time we’ve really relived it like this and it is SUPER EXTRA PERFECT AND AWESOME!! You guys are so talented, we could not be happier with what we’ve seen. Seriously jaw droppingly well captured, perfect, emotional, hilarious shots. BRAVI!!!! I could go on and on…”

Amelia & Scott

you’d be hard-pressed to find another duo that will care this much about you and their photos of you.

“Working with Jos and Tree is no typical vendor-client relationship — Jos and Tree approach you with the warmth and excitement of friends. By the time our wedding day arrived, we had FULL confidence and peace that they would capture our wedding day in a way that would help us remember and share the stories for years to come. The preview photos they have given us have BLOWN us away! I think you’d be hard-pressed to find another duo that will care this much about you and their photos of you.”

Taylor & Jackson

Bride and groom singing in Harmony at Timberline Lodge Wedding atop Mt Hood

laughing and crying...

“OMG so good. We’re on our 14th viewing of the premiere slideshow and cannot get enough! You guys did such a FU@#!!@@!!ING GREAT JOB! Laughing and crying...”

Lisa & Josh

they have this incredible gift of making people feel so at home with them

I wish I could give them 10 stars.  I would give them all the stars if I could, they were completely amazing, and months after our wedding I still get comments on how incredible our wedding photos are. They have this incredible gift of making people feel so at home with them that you can just be yourselves. They are not only talented but so very warm and welcoming and unique.

Lisa & Brian

Bride and Groom captured with Lightning over their heads. Fearless Award Winning Photo by josandtree
Bride and Groom captured with Lightning over their heads. Fearless Award Winning Photo by josandtree

they braved the pool to get right there in the action

Jos and Tree were somehow able to capture so many special, candid moments from so many angles without us even realizing they were there.  They were both running around to get the best shots from these great storytelling angles. When our spontaneous pool party erupted, Jos and Tree were right there with us capturing all of us having a blast. They braved the pool to get right there in the action with us and capture those crazy moments. Almost a year later, my family and friends still rave about how great they were and how hard they worked, and of course, how my wedding photos were gorgeous and captured the intimate, fun, romantic vibes of the entire celebration.

Rianne & Shandy

we had high expectations and our photos still managed to blow our minds

“If you’ve seen their work, you know they’re in the top 1% of photographers. We had high expectations and our photos still managed to blow our minds. What you can’t tell from looking at their site is what an absolute pleasure Jos & Tree are to work with. They are fun, extremely detailed, and above all, committed to getting the best photos. They worked their asses off at our wedding and our guests were amazed & impressed with what Jos & Tree would do to get the shot. We were married at Silcox Hut on Mt Hood and their knowledge of both Timberline Lodge and the Hut was invaluable for getting exceptional photos. Highly, highly recommend.”

Ashley & Brian

Photo of the bride and groom exchanging vows with the view of their guests faces during the ceremony at Silcox Hut, above Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood in Oregon. Photo by Jos and Tree, Portland wedding photographers.
Epic exit photo of bride and bride at Mt Hood Organic Farms. Photo by Jos and Tree, Portland wedding photographers.

you will be forever thankful.

I once posted on my Facebook page that if you could do your wedding over, what would you do differently? Almost everyone said they would spend more on a better photographer. I took that advice seriously and looked high and low for the best photographers in Portland. We found Jos & Tree and were blown away by their creative, colorful, and naturally theatrical photography style. When they told us they were still available for our wedding date 4 1/2 months before our wedding, we booked them right away. They are an incredible husband/wife duo, with a creative eye for capturing you in your best light. They work in tandem to get the best light, whether it was climbing up on ladders or laying down on the dance floor. The photos and moments that they captured are absolutely stunning. We get compliments all the time – people say our wedding photos are “the best photos of any wedding or anything, ever”. I am so thankful that they were available and that they took such great care capturing our special moments from morning until night. We will cherish these photos for the rest of our lives. I highly recommend if Jos and Tree are available, that you hire these two to capture your special moments, you will be forever thankful you did.

Lisa & Cat

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