Jaide and Ryan’s Kauai Island engagement explored the wild surf along Poipu beach. The island of Kauai is 33 miles long and about 25 miles wide. It encompasses 554 square miles in diameter. Interesting fact, Kauai has 90 miles of shoreline and has more beaches per square mile than any others in all of the Hawaiian island chains. Its the perfect island to explore hidden private beaches, especially for an engagement adventure. 

Jaide and Ryan enjoyed one of those paradise days on Kauai where everything feels just right. They had the whole beach to themselves without a person in sight. So much fun! We followed them on a date exploring a jungle walk, running along the beach, climbing along the cliffs, looking out over the gorgeous turquoise waters, and a fun swim. Enjoying an intimate nap under coconut trees is not a bad way to spend the day with your lover. A Kauai Island engagement adventure date on a hidden beach is one of the most simple and fun ideas.  

Photographers: Jos & Tree | Location: Kauai