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We love experiences. We’ve learned that honest moments are the best art. Behind every great photo is an experience and invites you to feel the story. This is why we specialize in creative candid photography. We would love to hear your story.

Our Story

We met at Jos’ best friend’s wedding. We danced and talked all night. The timing was perfect. For our seventh date we spent 5 weeks in Buenos Aires, Argentina learning how to tango dance. When we were married on June 23rd, 2012 in Ojai California we were filled with boundless love, adoration, and inspiration. The experience at our wedding went beyond our imaginations and gave us an even more in-depth understanding of the wedding experience. Enjoy this glimpse into our own wedding by

our history

Jos started photographing weddings in 2004. Together we’ve been working as a full-time team since 2008. We’ve photographed over 350 wedding celebrations all over the world. We have been honored with hundreds international accolades and recognition (Tree & Jos) and received so many lovely on-line reviews (wedding wire & google reviews) that continue to inspire us. We also love teaching workshops, speaking at conferences and are educational ambassadors.

Tree WoodSmith

Tree WoodSmith

Lead Photographer Educator Studio Wizard

Jos WoodSmith

Jos WoodSmith

Lead Photographer Educator Editing Artist

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we believe

everything affects everything

because we are all walking repositories
of hidden treasure

morning time reflections
to drink in the clouds of our dreams
from steamy cups of tea

traveling to meet
the beautiful faces of the world
who teach us what home really means

capturing beautiful moments
are more powerful
than pretty images
because they carry the emotional gravity
of life long stories

because style sings
and self-expression
brings out the best laughter

vision and courage
because those are the two things
that make things happen

laughing until we cry
there really is no better therapy

our eyes are precious jewels
to see everyday miracles
waiting right in front of us

dancing on teal colored roller skates
listening to Beyonce & Billie Eilish

self fulfillment
because when each of us
shine bright like a diamond
all of us become a treasure together

fresh light crispy
almond croissants
while walking thru
Montmartre in Paris

because friends who feel like family
are the best kinds of friends
and nothing is more important than family

how we phrase questions
we ask ourselves
determines the answers
that eventually become our lives

inviting our friends
to celebrate life by
digging up 13 bottles of wine
we buried in Greece years ago

how we react to things
is our greatest freedom

living in a state of
un-interrupted marvel

every. single. recipe.
Yotam Ottolenghi
especially when in London

when tomorrow comes
this day will be gone forever
leaving it its place
whatever we have chosen
to exchange for it

dancing is the answer


the far-reaching

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