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capturing magic

In the dazzle of Indian weddings, catching real moments is like capturing pure magic. These candid snapshots freeze genuine emotions – the laughter, tears, and love – that make the day unforgettable. Our philosophy has always been to capture creative real moments and weaving these moments into a narrative story.

We capture beautiful portraits and details and especially the raw, unfiltered moments – the stolen glances, the shared jokes, the tender touches. It’s these real moments that truly capture the emotions of the day, reflecting everyones journey and the deep-rooted traditions of the ceremony.

Beautiful reception moment of bride and groom meditating with family and friends near candle light. Best Timberline Wedding Photos by Jos and Tree, Portland Wedding Photographers.

organic flow

By letting the day unfold naturally, we can capture a visual story that feels authentic and timeless. In the whirlwind of Indian weddings, where every ritual is rich with meaning, these candid shots become cherished memories, preserving the beauty of the day for generations to come.

Bride giving a ring to a groom in the snow before their Timberline wedding. Best Timberline Wedding Photos by Jos and Tree, Portland Wedding Photographers.

enjoy the freedom of a planner

For an Indian wedding, a planner is your strength, making sure everything goes off without a hitch. They’re the experts in all things cultural, making sure traditions are honored and woven into the celebration seamlessly.

Plus, with so many moving parts—vendors, venues, and guests—a planner keeps everything running smoothly, leaving you free to enjoy every moment without stress. They’re the ones handling all the nitty-gritty details, from coordinating vendors to managing timelines, so you can focus on soaking in the joy of your special day.

A planner’s eye for detail ensures that every aspect, from decorations to personal touches, reflects your style and vision perfectly.

Bottom line? A planner isn’t just helpful—it’s essential for an Indian wedding. They’re your partner in creating the magical, unforgettable celebration you’ve always dreamed of.

And as photographers planners give us the freedom to capture you being you since you have nothing to worry about.

Bride and groom singing in Harmony at Timberline Lodge Wedding atop Mt Hood. Best Timberline Wedding Photos by Jos and Tree, Portland Wedding Photographers.

hold nothing back

Our best images come from real moments. So let go of any feeling of perfectionism, and be 100% you. That’s when we get really excited because real moments are undeniably beautiful. Raw action and emotions can never be scripted, they are so beautiful, especially when they are perfectly imperfect. We love it! We think you will too!

Creative photo of a bride and groom exchanging vows during their Silcox Hut Wedding atop Mt Hood in Oregon. Best Timberline Wedding Photos by Jos and Tree, Portland Wedding Photographers.

cinematic story

With all the bautiful chaos of Indian weddings we feel our documentary style across all weddings we photograph is a perfect fit. We love the unknown, the detailed rituals, the wide angle perspectives, the close up emotions, and seeing the usual in an unusual way. Telling your story in a cinematic style is the best art of story telling.

We are happy to help you brainstorm the best ideas and design a photography plan that flows well with your planner.  Checkout our recent collection of Indian weddings below.

recent indian weddings

Blockhouse PDX Wedding – Anitha & Brandin

Blockhouse PDX Wedding – Anitha & Brandin

In the heart of northwest Portland, Oregon, Anitha and Brandin's Blockhouse PDX wedding was a beautiful blend of cultures and emotions that transcended boundaries for everyone who was there. Anitha, rooted in Indian heritage, and Brandin, coming from a white American...

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Portland Art Museum Wedding – Radhika & Shilpin

Portland Art Museum Wedding – Radhika & Shilpin

Radhika and Shilpin’s Portland Art Museum wedding was pretty much a dream within a dream. Pinks that ignite your eyes and blues that make you drown in wonder. “Indians are the Italians of Asia and vice versa.  Every man in both countries is a singer when he is happy,...

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Sunriver Resort Wedding – Niki & Amit

Sunriver Resort Wedding – Niki & Amit

Niki and Amit's Sunriver Resort wedding was about as multi-faceted as an entire festival. They are two people who literally glow with life. They are something like a river that gives and receives and every time we find ourselves in their presence everything flows...

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