“A work of art does not answer questions, it provokes them;

and its essential meaning is in the tension between the contradictory answers.”

– Leonard Bernstein


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We are happy to connect from anywhere in the world. We have many ideas to share and love to listen. Contact us to setup a video session and we will send you a link to join a meeting.  We will respond asap: hello@josandtree.com.

How do we book you?

It’s easy. Setup a video chat with us. Text us: 503-781-1306. Fill out the questionnaire below.  Once we know exactly what you want we will put together a custom on-line proposal and send it to you.

How many weddings do you photograph each year?

We limit the number of weddings we shoot each year to 20 to build authentic relationships. This allows us to dive deep into each wedding we photograph by fully immersing ourselves into the entire experience. This also give us quality time for thorough editing and creative design. This produces our best work and embraces the best experience.

What is your creative process?

Our eyes are constantly searching for creative composition, lighting, and moments. A big part of our effort is to allow you to experience your wedding day as it naturally unfolds while we creatively document the emotions and actions without you knowing we are there. We climb trees, crawl on the ground, shoot from far distances, and patiently wait while super close capturing  all the reactions. We believe a photograph should be felt.  This style tells a story and stands the test of time. You will want to make albums and hang these works of art in your home. This approach a great investment and will be valued for the rest of your lives.

What are the pros/cons to planning a destination wedding?

Destination weddings have grown from 5% of the market in 2000 to 20% of the market today from the 2.2 million US weddings each year.

Destination weddings are actually cost-effective. They can be extremely unique. If you pick a good spot you really don’t have to do much to make it look good, they often have built-in themes. While destination weddings mean fewer people attend, it also means your guests will spend more time with you over multiple days and those who attend are most likely the closest people to you. Many destination wedding locations also offer free planning.

Planning can be tricky over the phone, however, video meetings can work well if you find a photographer and planner who is willing to take the time to create a clear vision and customize things exactly the way you want.

Will you travel to our destination wedding? How does that work?

We are seasoned travelers and constantly inspired by new places. Our national and international destination collections include travel and lodging.  Inquire with us for specifics on our Contact form.  We are happy to provide you with a detailed proposal once we learn about the size and dynamic of your wedding.

How do you use creative light?

We are obsessed with all forms of light and know how to see it and capture it. We work in teams to help manage and create the best light possible!

When the right natural light isn’t available our off-camera lighting is crucial for shaping it. Knowing how to use off camera flash quickly, in-obtrusively, and creatively is our passion. We cast light through modifiers, soft boxes, and often times obscure objects and reflections we find in the moment. Astro photography is another passion of ours for those who want to adventure with us.

How do you edit photos?

Editing involves four phases:

1. Shooting: the creative process of taking the original capture
2. Selecting: narrowing down the large collection of images into the best images
3. Color & Exposure Correction: adjusting images to the best exposure and color
4. Fine Art Design: taking images through an extensive touch-up process while keeping it real

How do you backup photos?

Immediately following every wedding we backup all original captures in 3 separate systems and locations including the most advanced RAID systems, and firesafe security. We are insured with The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. recently celebrating 200 years in service. We are covered up to $1M liability per occurrence and $2M for each year.

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We are a team of multiple photographers who can divide ourselves to shoot local and destination weddings.
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