As photographers documenting an enchanting evening Eugene Oregon wedding and reception in a wooded garden venue, we were thrilled to be part of such a romantic and intimate affair. The setting, with its lush foliage and twinkling lights, exuded a whimsical charm that perfectly complemented the love shared between Lacey and Eugene.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a glow over their private home in Eugene, we embraced the challenge of capturing the beauty of the event in the low-light conditions. Photographing this type of fast moving low light wedding was tricky; we worked in teams using off-camera flashes to illuminate people while staying true to the intimate ambiance of the evening.

The wooded garden venue gave us a picturesque backdrop for the celebration, with its towering trees and winding pathways adding a sense of enchantment to the proceedings. Against this backdrop, the Lacey and Eugene exchanged vows surrounded by the soft glow of fairy lights and an amazing group of family and friends, creating a truly unforgettable moment. We were lucky to capture moments up close and run far back to photograph the entire sene including the blue hour sky. To us this tells a “cinematic story” from afar, from close, down low, and up high.

Throughout the evening, we delighted in capturing the whimsical touches that added to the romantic atmosphere of the wedding. From delicate floral arrangements to playful nods to the couple’s personalities, every detail contributed to the magic of the occasion.

As the night progressed, the celebration took on a dreamlike quality, with guests dancing under the stars and laughter filling the air. It was a joy to witness the love and happiness shared by all, and we felt honored to document such an amazing day. They even had the OSU mascot “Benny the Beaver” surprise everyone to light up the dance party!

In the end, as the last guests hugged goodbye, we knew that the photographs we captured would serve as great memories of a truly amazing evening.


Photographers: JOS & TREE
Venue: Private Estate in Eugene, Oregon
Benny the Beaver – OSU mascot