Erin and Beech’s Eco Trust Portland wedding in the Pearl District was awesome. These two are seriously silly cats. Don’t get it wrong, they are both sophisticated doctors but when we met with them for coffee at NE Portland’s Barista every other sentence was a fun-filled twist from the comical chemistry they share. Beech’s laugh can get an entire room going while one look from Erin’s smile can bring out the best in everyone.

Erin and Beech originally wanted to get married at Cathedral Park under the massive arches of the St John’s bridge but when they saw the organic feel of the roof-top terrace at Ecotrust they immediately fell in love. It gave them lots of room for creative decorations. Robert Farm Tables provided an exquisite dinner while guests lounged in comfy areas while taking in the stunning city view. Luxe Event Productions put the most amazing stylized touches on this lovely day with gorgeous sunlight pouring in from every direction. Following their beautiful ceremony, they enjoyed a fun cocktail hour with a live band and lots of rocking dancing. Erin has a reputation for being a crazy dancer. Beech hates dancing he completely surrendered and had the time of his life. I think it goes without saying, we don’t think ourselves into new ways of acting, we act our way into new ways of thinking.

Getting married at the Eco Trust Building in Portland offers several compelling reasons for couples who value sustainability, environmental consciousness, and a unique wedding experience. Here are a few reasons Erin and Beech chose to get married here:

  1. Sustainable Venue: The Eco Trust Building is a symbol of environmental sustainability and responsible architecture. By choosing this venue, you support a green initiative and showcase your commitment to the planet.
  2. Beautiful Atmosphere: The building’s unique design combines historic charm with modern sustainability features, creating a beautiful and memorable setting for your wedding day. Its exposed brick walls, large windows, and open spaces offer a warm and inviting ambiance.
  3. Natural Lighting: The Eco Trust Building boasts abundant natural lighting, which can enhance the overall aesthetic of your wedding ceremony and photographs. The streaming sunlight creates a soft, romantic glow, making it an ideal location for capturing stunning moments.
  4. Versatile Spaces: The venue offers a range of versatile spaces that can accommodate different aspects of your wedding day. Whether you’re planning an intimate ceremony or a grand reception, you can find a suitable area within the building to match your vision.
  5. Outdoor Options: The Eco Trust Building features an outdoor courtyard that provides an opportunity for an alfresco wedding ceremony or cocktail hour. This urban oasis offers a refreshing and green backdrop, adding a touch of nature to your celebration.
  6. Sustainable Catering: The venue partners with eco-conscious caterers who prioritize local, organic, and sustainable ingredients. This ensures that your wedding menu aligns with your values, allowing you to treat your guests to delicious and environmentally friendly cuisine.
  7. Convenient Location: Located in the heart of Portland, the Eco Trust Building offers easy access for you and your guests. It is situated near hotels, transportation options, and other amenities, making it a convenient choice for both locals and out-of-town visitors.
  8. Support for a Nonprofit: By choosing the Eco Trust Building as your wedding venue, you contribute to the work of the nonprofit organization behind it. The Eco Trust promotes sustainable development and environmental conservation, so your wedding can be a meaningful way to support their cause.
  9. Professional Event Staff: The venue’s experienced event staff can provide valuable guidance and support throughout the planning process. They are well-versed in hosting weddings and can help you create a personalized and eco-friendly celebration.
  10. Eco-Friendly Practices: The Eco Trust Building implements various eco-friendly practices, such as energy-efficient lighting, waste reduction, and recycling programs. By getting married here, you align your special day with a venue that shares your commitment to sustainable living.

Erin and Beech chose the Eco Trust Building as their wedding venue which allowed them to celebrate their love in a visually stunning, environmentally conscious, and socially responsible setting. Their wedding provided a unique opportunity to create lasting memories while supporting sustainability initiatives.

Their Eco Trust Portland wedding was just about as good as it gets.

Artistic engagement portrait of a couple in the Alberta Arts District in Portland Oregon as inspiration for their Eco Trust Portland weddingKiller engagement portrait in Portland's Barista coffee shop as inspiration for their Eco Trust Portland weddingArtistic engagement photo of a couple underneath the St John's Bridge in Portland, Oregon as inspiration for their Eco Trust Portland wedding Engagement Portrait of a couple in a movie theatre eating popcorn in Portland Oregon as inspiration for their Eco Trust Portland weddingMom and bride getting ready for an Eco Trust Portland weddingGroom laughing with friends while getting ready for an Eco Trust Portland weddingFather passing off bride to a groom during an Eco Trust Portland wedding ceremonyBride and groom exiting an Eco Trust Portland wedding ceremony on a rooftop in downtown Portland, Oregon. An epic photo of friends and family toasting to the bride and groom during an Eco Trust Portland weddingCreative photo of a bride and groom on a staircase with creative diagonal shadows during their Eco Trust Portland wedding reception

Photographers: Jos & Tree | Lighting and Photography Assistance: Mary Moore
Venue: ECO Trust Building | Coordination & Design: Luxe Event Productions
Design & Coordination: Luxe Event Productions | Officiant: Wendy Fish –
Floral: Jordan at Blum Floral Design | Entertainment (photo booth etc): The Wildwood
DJ: Lynn Winkle with Celebration Music and Events | Food: Food in Bloom, Erin Hight
Dinnerware Rentals: The Party Place, Brian Snawder | Lighting: Ecotrust cafe lights and our own stuff
Wedding Gown Designer: Cocoon Silk | Bride’s shoes: Ted Baker , Dan Post
Bridal party jewelry: Talia’s Jewelry Design | Groom’s Attire : Este’s Men’s Clothing
Transportation for Guests: Ecoshuttle | Dessert: Salt & Straw ice cream
Getting Ready Location: Hotel Monaco | Makeup and Hair: Portland Makeup & Hair
Drape: West Coast Drape| Furniture: Classic Vintage Rentals
Invites/paper elements/chalkboards: Krista Messer “KM Designs”