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12 suggestions for an authentic wedding experience

plan for quality time

The best friend for a great experience is Time. Build transition time between each chapter of your wedding day. This will help you feel graceful and timeless. Also understanding that inevitable chaos can make for a great story. Celebrate whatever comes your way is a great rule and know that we will be right there with you capturing every moment.



There is nothing better when everyone is 100% present during your ceremony with no distractions. Have your officiant invite everyone to connect with the ceremony and turn off technology. Some of the most profound moments come from the reactions of your guests with you and you with your guests.

write vows early

Writing down your thoughts and feelings early can give you clarity and keep you calm. What works best is a loose outline that allows room for improvisation. Spontaneous flows of powerful feelings can be the best while knowing you are speaking from your heart and core values.



Connection is everything. Yet weddings can get chaotic and move very quickly. Tasks, details, and schedules are important but can also run you over. Trust the vendors you’ve hired and focus on what’s most important, your friends and family and give your partner everything you have. Take time to step back, take a breath, dive in, and take it all in. This is when your true story comes to life and allows us space to creatively document real moments. 



Some of the best stories come from unexpected variables that come out of nowhere. While planning is key, predictable moments can be boring so we are constantly on the lookout for unseen actions that create humor, emotion, and a story worth telling. Our rule is to keep our cameras up at all times and shoot thru all the moments. Celebrate the unexpected and we will capture it! 

be true

to yourself

Perfectly imperfect is beautiful and ridiculously happy is always better than calculated trite. The best photography happens when people are unabashedly themselves and ebb and flow throughout the day without a worry in the world.  When couples are “in their moment” it frees us up to do our best work.

slow down

A wedding day can be gone in the blink of an eye. Take time to stop and take it all in. Step away from the party to connect. By slowing down the experience will deepen. We will invite you into fun activities and meaningful conversations while capturing you in your best light. These experiential portraits compliment all of the documentary photos for a great story.


the light

As photographers we are constantly on the look out for how light falls on our subjects. One of the best things you can do for us is to simply move into the light. No need to over think it, just enjoy ebbing and flowing in and out of the light with you being you while walking, dancing, embracing. Enjoy the warmth and beauty of the sun and let us do all the moving into the right angles to capture all the natural feelings without having to direct you.

look at your guests

The heart of our photography captures the relationship of moments. Some of the best photographs happen when people are looking at one another. During your ceremony take a moment to connect with everyone by looking at them. While your walking in, during the ceremony, and while your walking out. 

let the 

tears fall

 We’ve literally seen brides practice dabbling their tears away days leading up to their wedding. We’ve also seen people struggling to hold everything back and not cry. Tears are one of the most profound expressions, don’t wipe them away. Allow them run down your face and feel them in the depth of your moment. Tears are the poetry of your story. They make beautiful photographs.    

deep breaths

Time always moves more quickly than we know. Deep breaths calm the mind. When feeling rushed, rest in the present. Take a deep breath and come back to here and now. There is insane beauty around us all the time. Hold space to meet the moment.


the rules

If we obey all the rules you miss all the fun. Weddings are once in a life time experiences. Hold nothing back. When tomorrow comes this day will be gone forever leaving in its place whatever we have chosen to exchange for it. We thrive on all the actions and emotions. There is no story better than your true selves having the time of your life.  

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