Timberline Weddings

Oregon’s best winter wedding venue

Silcox Hut

At 7 thousand feet, this historic warming hut will transport your guests back in time. 

Over the past 13 years of shooting weddings, we’ve photographed one place more than any, Silcox Hut and at Timberline Lodge in the Ravens Nest, Patio, Ullman Hall, Barlow Room, and Amphitheater. While we don’t typically shoot at the same place too many times the Silcox Hut and Timberline Lodge is an exception. Every time we visit Mt. Hood the setting is different with a weather pattern that makes it truly an adventure. We’ve photographed in almost every condition up at Timberline and we are constantly inspired. Jos has been a ski bum all his life and has been going up to Timberline since he was in high school and knows the mountain like the back of his hand. From the most intense sun during summertime, heavy rains, to the most wild snow storms. We love it! Working with the Timberline Lodge team is consistently a great experience. They are so kind, so thoughtful, and work like no other team we’ve seen. Seek out Chandra Orton and her team, they are the best and have tons of experience. You will find out how much they care! If you are looking for a true adventure to entertain your guests and have the best experience for your wedding day, check out Timberline Lodge and Silcox Hut. Every couple we’ve photographed up there has loved it. Reach out to us, schedule a free consult, we have much to share about how to approach your wedding at Mt Hood. We love to listen and have many stories and ideas. Photographing in low light and difficult conditions can be a big challenge but we’ve learned to master our off camera flash and make magic happen. We are happy to help you plan an epic adventure.  Above is a growing collection of some of our favorite moments while photographing weddings at Timberline and Silcox Hut, with many more to come. If you are planning a wedding fill out our contact form and we will be in touch asap.

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