Our best of 2019 wedding photography was another year of extensive discovery we never could have anticipated. Everyone we met opened our eyes to new ways of seeing.  Our adventures this year took us through an extraordinary tour of backdrops and cultures. We adventured through Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Colorado, Navada, Chicago, London, Germany, Italy, and Bali. From the very special 16 weddings we photographed we took 190,315 images and provided 10,515 finished photographs to our fabulous couples.

Our year began with our Evolve photography workshop in Portland followed by a 22-hour flight to Bali where we met up with 25 other photographers for the TWO MANN Alumni reunion. We basked in Bali beauty and connected with friends to recharge our batteries for the season ahead. This extraordinary group of friends will forever change our lives.

Real moments are what motivate our Best of 2019 wedding photography. We are lucky to have couples who are so thoughtful and trusting. Every moment we get to witness brings us joy and teaches us more than words will ever express. We are in awe with all of you. Thank you!