Accolades & Recognition

We love inspiration and always seeking ways to better our craft among the worlds best wedding photos. We’ve been honored to be among the all time best wedding photographers receiving multiple awards with Fearless PhotographersISPWP (International Society of Wedding Photographers), The Worlds Best Wedding PhotosMyWed, WPS Inspirational Wedding Photographers, Masters of Wedding Photography North America,  accolades of excellence at the WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) 16×20 Print Competition and Junebug Weddings. These organizations are among the boldest and brightest wedding photographers in the world.

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The Worlds Best Wedding Photos just announced their “Brilliant Concepts” awards for the past decade. From 2010 to 2020 and with over 2000 submissions, we are thrilled to receive THREE awards. This collection of 50 extraordinary photos celebrates creative imagination and photographers who are transcending wedding photography far beyond their client’s expectations. Check out the full collection here.

Composition, Light, and Moment are 3 components that make a great photo according to Fearless Photographers. Taylor and Jackson’s epic first dance was awarded in the most recent Summer Fearless Awards where only 1% of 10 thousand+ are chosen as Fearless Awards. Only 179 awards among almost 12,000 entries all over the world.

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We are in awe of all our couples. We are thrilled to see 7 of our images (3 Honorable Mentions and 4 Finalists) in Summer 2020 Fearless Photographers contest. 

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Fathers emotions are some of the most moving moments at weddings! Fearless Photographers included 4 of our images in their post about “wonderful dads at weddings.”

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Real action getting ready photos always help tell a great story and are full of anticipation. Fearless Photographers included 3 of our “hair & makeup” photos in their latest post about awesome hair and makeup photos.

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Group photos can be fun, bold and real. We know the value of documenting everyone at the wedding and we love to do it with great light, especially with everyone having a good time. Fearless Photographers mentioned 2 of our “wedding group” photos in their latest post about making wedding groups “formal, fun, and out of this world.”

Creative late-night photos are always fun to explore. It’s great for a quiet moment after all the action for our couples to connect and capture that final storytelling portrait. The above photo was awarded in the Spring 2020 ISPWP contest under the “creative fine art” category.

Details that tell our clients story are always wonderful to capture, especially in good light and during a real moment even with the most subtle gesture such as a hand buckling up shoes. The above photo was awarded in the Spring 2020 ISPWP contest under the “wedding details” category.

Humorous moments are some of our favorites.  This photo captured at one of the best Oregon venues, Mount Hood Organic Farms, shows the fun love between the groom and his best friend. We love to get in close on the action so the photo can be felt. To us the texture of the tongue, beard and wildly expressions (face and hand/cigarette) reveal the fun relationship between these two characters. Fearless Photographers gave this image 2 Honorable Mentions (2020 & 2015)

We’ve been getting up closer than ever, shadowing every moment and expression. Laurence and his brother are clearly two one of a kind clowns. Liz and Laurence’s Exchange Ballroom Portland wedding was filled with so many great moments. The above photo was awarded in the Winter 2020 ISPWP contest in the “humor” category.

Brotherhood! Beards are the best, especially when close up all together on the dance floor. This shot was taken with the help of a MagSphere from MagMod during a highlight moment of the groomsmen on the dance floor. Great shot Tree! Fearless Photographers gave this Honorable Mention in Collection #54.

We anticipated a brief moment just before Radhika and Shilpin exited on their get away car while running thru a sea of sparklers. Just before that happened we envisioned a portrait by climbing up on a fire alter, shooting thru it with them embracing against a wall with our MagMod lights. Magic!

This moment was captured at Chateau Zen just as Caroline was walking into her ceremony with Ben. This was an incredibly emotional “first look” as she gazed down into the chateau courtyard. We crawl and climb every possible angle to get the best vantage point. Fearless Photographers judges recognized this photo with 2 Honorable Mentions and finally gave it a Fearless Photographers award. Fearless also posted it as a select ceremony photo.

Great photos of people eating are not easy to capture. Galen and Carl were wonderfully devouring great late night tacos during their Castway Portland reception. Their mom thought she was being left out of the photo. Ha! We also love the market lights, horse silhouette, and pink sky. Fearless Photographers awarded it and also posted this as one of their select “funny photos.” DVLOP also showcased this photo on their blog.

Being invited to go on an adventure elopement with Emily & Pete on the Almafi Coast just outside Positano in Ravello Italy at Villa Cimbrone was like stepping into a dream.  During this moment we were shadowing their every move, even climbing up and hanging on the side of a rock wall for this shot. The 1200 foot backdrop over the Tyrrhenian Sea gave us that extra inspiration.

The story behind the photo can often be the best picture. Galen, the bride here, lost her parents early in life and this moment represents her uniting into a new family with her husband Carl at Portland Castaway. Hand gestures say so much! The “decisive moment” of Carl reaching out to Galen and Galen reaching out to Carl was one of the most emotional moments we’ve witnessed, especially while also seeing all their guests supporting them. We are still in awe every time we look at this photograph! This moment was also listed in the top ceremony moments on Fearless Photographers.

This photo was taken with one frame, not photoshopped. It was truly a magical moment at Wades Point Inn on The Bay in Chesapeake Bay.  Lisa and Brian came off the dance floor to watch the lightning storm and circled around us dancing and laughing. All their guests came out to see what was going on, and saw Lisa and Brian having a moment together. Light warm rain filled the air with a special feeling. After 2 failed attempts where the lightning went off in different parts of the backdrop the 3rd photograph (with everyone cheering on the lightning) found an explosive lightning bolt bursting right over their heads. A moment of thick silence. Then… the back of the camera flashed with a silhouetted frame and a lightning bolt on the back for everyone to see.  Everyone tackled us in celebration climbing over us in total blissful chaos. Fearless Photographers also loved this photo so much they posted it as one of their Epic PortraitsMasters of Wedding Photography North America also awarded this photo.

Late night shenanigans in Belize surrounded by friends spraying Champagne. Nikki & Paul’s destination wedding with 50 friends and family gave them extra quality time to enjoy organic moments like this.  Oh, and yes, our cameras were soaked in champagne, and we loved ever moment.  First acknowledge as Fearless Photographers Photo of the day.  Masters of Wedding Photography North America also awarded this photo.

Caro and Ben breathe with Paris. Both speak fluently and carry an extraordinary sensitivity toward culture, arts, language, and everything good. We were invited to join them on a date walking through some of their favorite places in Paris. The Pont Neuf bridge is the oldest bridge in Paris. This bridge (and their held hands) was the perfect metaphor for their wedding at Chateau ZenMasters of Wedding Photography North America awarded this photo.

Chaos is always part of life, but those of us who can find our center find the eye of the storm. During Erin and Beech’s lifestyle engagement adventure, we journeyed under the St. Johns bridge to find some shelter from the rain. The looming massive bridge and gnarly twisted branches framed this thriving couple so perfectly. Fearless Photographers said Right On! 

Moments following the reception are something we always embrace to their fullest. The feelings and organic movement of human emotions are at their best. Hugging expresses so much, we just love the feeling in this photo. Thank you Fearless Photographers for awarding this timeless moment at Chateau Zen for Caro and her niece, also recognized as a Right On photo. WPS Inspirational Wedding Photographers also awarded this photo.

The absence of darkness is just as important as the presence of light. We are drawn to how dramatic light leads the eye to what is most important in a photograph. Here we encouraged the groomsmen to find a slice of light on their faces, then stop and feel its warmth and give that feeling back to the groom. They loved it. Fearless Photographers said Right On!

Story telling compositions where there is depth, clean definition, movement, and scenery inspire us. At Lisa and Brian’s Maryland wedding we hung out with the wedding crew and shadowed every move, even up to our chests in water under a dock to capture this moment. Fearless Photographers awarded this photo as well as ISPWP for “bridal party” and their Spot Light Facebook Page.

Crazy late night fun is often were the best moments are found. Nikki and Paul’s wedding reception in Belize evolved into one of the best pool parties we’ve ever seen. When a couple goes there, we go there! Fearless Photographers judges awarded this photo.

Kaylee and Glen love beer, that’s why they had their wedding at Portland Bridgeport. Finding a photo that captures “the scene” of where our couples are is something we always do. Here we scoped out a fun late-night composition in the basement of the brewery where they took a fun breather from the dance floor to connect and embrace. We added cool and warm colors to compliment the feeling.  WPS Inspirational Wedding Photographers awarded this photo.

Caro and Ben’s first dance during their wedding at Chateau Zen was originally planned to be outside around the dinner table. But instead their guests picked up all the candle lights from the dinner table and came inside into the interior courtyard of the chateau to surround them with love and the most beautiful music. We love layers of light and the 2nd story view of this moment was priceless. ISPWP awarded this photo in the category called All About Light. MyWed ranked this in the top 10 MyWed Finalists for First Dance.

In shock from her father seeing her spank her new husband on the dance floor during a wild dance. Katy and Derek’s wedding at the House on Metolius was filled with just about every expression you could imagine. Again, getting in close on the action always proves to be the best. Awarded by Fearless Photographers and ISPWP for the Decisive Moment.

Kids will be kids! This child was actually watching his mother walk out the door just as “they” were supposed to be walking into the ceremony. Chidren never stop playing, something we can all learn from. Awarded by Fearless Photographers, Fearless Funny MomentsISPWP in the “Kids Will Be Kids” category, and WPS Inspirational Wedding Photographers.

This moment was captured just as the bride was putting her last touches on her veil before stepping out into the ceremony at Hotel Villa Cimbrone in Ravello, Italy (Emily & Pete’s Private Elopement). This special photo was captured from a reflection through one of the oil paintings in her room. Awarded by ISPWP under “Bridal Portrait” and Fearless Photographers Photo of the Day.

Carla and Konstantin brought us along to their adventure wedding in Peru. We spent 5 days with their family and friends exploring everywhere, one being the top of Machu Picchu to celebrate their engagement. This is Carla’s homeland and this was the perfect spot for them to connect with each other and their closest family and friends. Awarded by ISPWP for Engagement Portrait.

The day after Emily & Pete’s adventure elopement at Hotel Villa Cimbrone they went sailing along the Amalfi Coast from Ravello to Positano. Diving into the ocean from the boat, stopping off for lunch at a fishing village, and witnessing one of the best backdrops in Positano made for the most memorable experiences in their lives. Awarded by ISPWP under Non Wedding Day Portraits. 

Carla flying during their epic 2 am reception dance party during her wedding with Konstantin in Lima, Peru.  Awarded by ISPWP under the Reception category.

Brian and Lisa dancing wild during a lightning storm with rain and wind at Wades Point Inn in Maryland.  Awarded by Fearless Photographers and ISPWP under the First Dance category.